Welcome to The Metro Underground

Your Gateway to the Entire Spectrum of the Underground, Alternative, & Adult Scene
     for DC, Baltimore, & the Mid-Atlantic Region (from Philly to Richmond).

Our intentions are simpleto provide a synergistic means to lift the fog for what's going on in &
around the area, assist the promotion of the scene as a whole, & provide a forum for bridges to
be built - from one culture to another, & from one group to the next. 

This includes but is not limited to:

Alt Music: Dubstep, Rave, Goth-Industrial, EDM, EBM, Celtic, etc.
Alt Culture: Burners, Steampunk, Medieval, Pagan, Celtic, Mystical, etc.
The Fetish, Fantasy, & BDSM Cultures.
The Swinger & Lifestyles Community.
Those in Polyamorous or Open Relationships.
Gay, Bi, Trans-gender (TS/TG), & Transvestite.
Plus anyone on the fringe who simply wants to explore.

We also host a number of events both large & small, public & private throughout the year.
Please see Metro Events for what's currently in the works.

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This site & the material held within is in part of an adult nature.
It is not intended for minors & no one under the age of 18 should view this material.

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