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The Metro Underground:

Your gateway to the entire spectrum of the underground, alternative, & adult scene for DC, Baltimore, & the Mid-Atlantic region (from Philly to Richmond). Please see links for what we have to offer.

Metro Events:

The Metro hosts some of the region's most respected & anticipated affairs. These are full scale balls & include the nationally recognized DC Fetish Ball. Our schedule is changing so please check back!

Underground Parties:

We also host U-Party. These are more  exclusive invite-only play parties with a fully adult nature. By design they are presented as a crossover for the swinger & kink cultures. 

Our intentions are simple: to provide a synergistic means to lift the fog for what's going on in & around the area, assist the promotion of the scene as a whole, & provide a forum for bridges to be built - from one culture to another, & from one group to the next.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Alt Music: Rave, Goth-Industrial, EDM, EBM, Dubstep, Celtic, etc.
  • Alt Culture: Burners, Steampunk, Medieval, Pagan, Celtic, Mystical, etc.
  • The Fetish, Fantasy, & BDSM Cultures.
  • The Swinger & Lifestyles Community.
  • Those in Polyamorous or Open Relationships.
  • Gay, Bi, Transgender (TS/TG), & Transvestite.
  • Plus anyone on the fringe who simply wants to explore.

As noted, we also host a number of events large & small, public & private throughout the year.
Please see Metro Events or Underground Parties for what's currently in the works.

We work hard to keep you fully informed & 'in the know' for the entire spectrum of the underground & alternative scene...

  • See our Calendars for a full listing of regional, recurring, & national events.
  • Clubs & Groups offer a comprehensive guide for area organizations.
  • Our Mainstream page offers social, professional, & educational opportunities of a more mainstream nature.
  • News & Notes provide quarterly insights for what’s going on in & around the scene.
  • Our Scene Guide offers relevant articles, links, resources, cultural listings, & more.
  • Photo Galleries provide links to photos & galleries from our many events.
  • Please see our Contact Page for questions, comments, or to join our mailing list for future events & parties.

Our efforts also move well beyond the main site here…

~ A Special Update ~

For over a decade The Metro Underground has carried TWO core principles:

First to serve as a primary gateway to the ‘Entire’ spectrum of the alternative, adult, & underground scene. But ALSO to serve as a forum for bridges to be built from one culture to another & from one group to the next. Until now we’ve focused on the first. It’s now time to change the dialogue & focus more on the second.


Our nation has been bathed in a rhetoric of division & hate for several years now. Indeed, we're seeing the saturation of this in almost every circle & the scene is no exception. More & more, the fabric that once brought us together is now tearing us apart. Perhaps we can’t change the tide for everyone out there, but we CAN change the conversation w/in ourselves. We can choose to find love & community w/in the circles we engage, & we can create a sense of love & light for all of those around.

So this year we dedicate The DC Fetish Ball to a core principal: "Tough Love" - it’s easy to tear something down & fill your heart w/ hate or vengeance for the world around you. To choose love is a much more difficult path. But it’s possible, & only YOU can change the dialogue. So for yourself, for the sake of the scene, & indeed for the world in which we live - do not bow to the message of hate & division that surrounds us. Rather, carry love in your heart & let it shine to all of those around. Only then will we find the path for a new & better tomorrow.


The DC Fetish Ball is an annual fundraiser for efforts to The Metro Underground. Coming Sunday, October 7th (Columbus Day Weekend): bringing together some of the scene's very best DJ's, models, fashion, & nationally recognized talent - all accented w/ an incredible play space in one of the city's most lavish venues. Now in its 11th year, we offer an unforgettable time of beauty, intrigue, & sheer possibility. No doubt, THIS is a night you WON’T want to miss!


This site & the content held within are in part of an adult nature. 

No one under the age of 18 should view these materials.


Please Note:  we strive to be as accurate as possible, but The Metro Underground, Richard A.D, & those involved take no responsibility for the information held within. Thank you.

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