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           Rhus Brutalis (DCFB)
 Events are covered locally, regionally, & on a national scale. This includes listings for special gatherings,
 recurring events, & one-time affairs.  
Members are encouraged to submit entries for consideration.

 Each listing is sorted by the date of the event then color coded & categorized by the nature of their interest:

     - Alternative Music & Culture in Rust.              
- Gay, Bi, & Transgender in Purple.
     - BDSM & Fetish in Red.                                     
- Mainstream in Dust White.
- Lifestyle & Swinger in Green.                           

 Please note: some crossover will often exist, so the function in question will be listed by the nature that most
 predominantly reflects the general practice of its venue.

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*** Major Events of a National & Regional Scale are listed here & under the National Tab.
*** For important news regarding recent developments in the local scene, please see News & Notes.

*** PLEASE NOTE: Munches & Weekly Recurring Events are no longer listed in the Main Calendar.
      Please see Recurring Events for ongoing weekly gatherings (except for special theme nights which will be listed).

Featured Events:

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Spring Calendars are functionally up while we complete our transition to the new format.


Sat 29th - The Metro Spring Formal Presents: The Steampunk Apocalypse  (See Metro Events):

Hosted in the shadow of Capitol Hill, political upheaval has left the city in ruins. Indeed, societal structure throughout the world has crumbled & in its place a new era has dawned. As governments fell, the rise of the people soon defeated the roving bands of neo-nazis which remained. Those who survived now work to rebuild, striving to create a new world from a memory long since past.

From the ashes of the last great war, a Victorian aesthetic has taken hold. ‘Steam’ is now the machine that drives what’s left. But amid the downfall, The Metro Underground & Metro Events have persevered. Even in a time of chaos, people still need a reason to escape & gather with those of a like mind. So please join us as The Metro Spring Formal celebrates a turning point in the Steampunk Apocalypse! Offering an evening of beauty, intrigue, & exotic possibility, THIS is a night you WON’T want to miss!



2017 Updates Coming Soon!

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2017 Updates Coming Soon!
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Full Calendar Begins Here (for DC, Baltimore, the Mid-Atlantic & National Stage):  

~ 2017 ~

Updates for the year will be posted as soon as able.

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