~ Main Calendar ~

Events are covered locally, regionally, & on a national scale. This includes listings for special gatherings, recurring events, & one-time affairs. Members are encouraged to submit entries for consideration. Each listing is sorted by the date of the event then color coded & categorized by the nature of its interest: 

  • Alternative Music & Culture in Rust.
  • BDSM & Fetish in Red.
  • Lifestyle & Swinger in Green.
  • Gay, Bi, & Transgender in Wine.
  • Mainstream in White.

Please note: some crossover will often exist, so the function in question will be listed by the nature that most predominantly reflects the general practice of its venue.

  • The Calendars Page carries Gateway Links, Featured Events, & Regionial Concerts.
  • Major National Events are listed here & under their own page.
  • Weekly Recurring Events are listed on their own page (theme nights will also be listed here).
  • For News regarding recent developments in the scene, please see News & Notes.

Full Calendar for DC, Baltimore, the Mid-Atlantic & National Stage:  2020


COVID Pandemic:  we take concerns for COVID-19 very seriously & ask that everyone take dedicated precautions in the wake of our current situation. To which, all efforts for The Metro Underground, Metro Calendars, Events, & Underground Parties have been suspended until further notice.


Metro Calendars:  The Metro does not support any activity while the greater community remains in quarantine. So we will not list any active functions until we can safely emerge from the global crisis. Thank you, Richard A.D.

~ 2021-2022 Pending Reemergence ~

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