National & Major Events

Major Events are covered locally, regionally, & on a national scale.  Listings are sorted by date of the event, then coded & categorized by the nature of its primary interest:

  • Alternative Music & Culture in Rust.
  • BDSM & Fetish in Red.
  • Lifestyle & Swinger in Green.
  • Gay, Bi, & Transgender in Wine.
  • Mainstream in White.

Please note: some crossover will often exist, so the function in question will be listed by the nature that most reflects the general practice of its venue.

  • The Calendars Page carries Gateway Links, Featured Events, & Regionial Concerts.
  • Our Main Calendar offers a Full listing of all regional events.
  • Major National Events are listed here & on the Main Calendar.
  • Weekly & Monthly Recurring Events carry affairs of an ongoing nature.
  • For News regarding recent developments in the scene, please see News & Notes.

Major Events for the Regional & National Stage:




  • Naughty Noel (Fetlife): Kink oriented hotel takeover by Studio 58 in Gettysburg, Pa.
  • EXXXotica Expo (ExxxoticaExpo): Nationally recognized adult expo comes to Washington, DC.

Sun 5th - Krampusnaught (Krampus Night) / National Repeal Day.

Mon 6th - St. Nicholas Day.

Tue 7th - Pearl Harbor Remembrance.


9th-12th - Florida Power Exchange (FloridaPowerExchange): Hosted in Clearwater, Fla.


Fri 17th - Saturnalia.

Sat 18th - Full Moon (Cold Moon).

Tue 21st - Yule / Winter Solstice.


Thu 23rd - Festivus.

Fri 24th - Xmas Eve (Santa Takes Flight!).

Sat 25th - Chrismas.

Sun 26th - Boxing Day / Kwanza Begins.


Thu 30th - Richard A.D. Birthday (hell yes I put it on the calendar! :)

Fri 31st - New Years Eve.


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