Fetish Factory Road Trip!

Celebrating Fetish Factory's 25th Anniversary Weekend


In somewhat expected but overall good news: The Fetish Factory 25th Anniversary Weekend has been postponed until Memorial Day 2021. It was already announced that this would be the FINAL celebration for Fetish Factory & the weekend had been moved to Labor Day pending Covid Quarantine. Honestly, I felt it would end up being cancelled altogether, so I'm very happy w/ Glenn's persistence in the wake such insurmountable challenges. With this in mind, the Metro Road Trip we had planned will follow suit. We look toward 2021 w/ great anticipation for an amazing time & will keep you posted as things develop. Stay healthy & be well, thank you.

Coming Memorial Day Weekend (2021): The Metro Underground takes to the road for an event of epic proportion!  We're on our way to Ft. Lauderdale for the Fetish Factory 25th Anniversary Weekend (possibly the biggest, baddest, & most amazing fetish event in North America). The Metro & Friends will be there in force as DC travels to Florida for an unbelievable time not to be missed! We welcome you to join us...

5 Days, 9 Parties, for a Pure Fetish Hotel Takeover!

Celebrating 25 years as one of the scene's largest & most respected fetish events anywhere in North America, that's impressive in any industry but in ours it’s nothing short of monumental. To celebrate such an incredible landmark (& to be sure our lives are marked by a fun time of such epic possibility), The Metro Underground is pulling together a group trip for those who may be interested.


The fun part? We're bringing the “stuff” (sybian, toys, etc) & plan to have a presence all our own. Most will be flying down, but a few of us will drive. This will allow a hand-off for all the toys so we won’t have to deal w/ TSA.

Please Note: all tickets must be purchased through Fetish Factory.  We have no affiation or agreement w/ the host venue. We're simply running the trip as a DC initiative.

Please secure your space & check back, tickets are going FAST!

Video from their 12th Anniversary:



We'll See You Poolside in Florida! 


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