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Bringing people together from throughout the scene.

Since our inception, The Metro Underground has carried one central focus: to bring people of a like mind together & create a forum for people to connect. Our Seasonal Scene Socials strive to do just that.


For all too often we converse at affairs with not much more than a sound-bite. So by design our more casual socials are offered as a chance to connect on a deeper level over drinks, good food, & honest conversation.

“The key to a good party is filling a room with guests more interesting than you.” - Steve Rubell.

Our Next Gathering:  we do have planns for our next Scene Social sometime in late fall. Please check back for updates & details.


We generally host about 6-8 gatherings throughout the year. Some of these are on a rotational basis, but others are a long standing tradition...

~ Our Annual Traditions ~

The Great Celtic Revival - welcome to St. Patrick's Night of Mayhem: the return of the snakes! Somewhere around the fifth century, St. Patrick drove the 'snakes' from Ireland. Well we're bringing 'em back!


Our first Metro Event was held as a themed night for St. Patrick's Day. It remains an annual favorite, so each year we gather for the anniversary & offer a perfect opportunity to connect before the main party season takes hold. Held generally on the Friday before St. Pat's, we hope you’ll join us as we gather good friends old & new for the Great Celtic Revival.


We're set for O'Connell's in Alexandria (112 King Street, Alexandria, Va), & have the UPSTAIRS Bar to the back of the pub reserved as a dedicated space. If needed, just ask for the Fitzgerald Room. Kickoff is 8:30pm & we'll go 'til close. See O'Connell's Online.

  • Facebook Event Page (Coming in 2022) - Fetlife Event Page (Coming in 2022).

The DC High Heel Race:  Hosted annually on the Tuesday before Halloween, 17th Street NW brings one of DC's greatest traditions! If you've never been, it's as close as DC comes to Mardi Gras. And make no mistake, it's for everyone (THOUSANDS go to this thing). Festivities run for 4 blocks between R & Church St. along 17th NW DC. The main parade kicks off around 7pm & the race runs at 9pm (but it's really all about the parade).


We meet in front of Floriana's on the corner of 17th & Q St (it's a good spot w/ a patio bar & access to restrooms). If you're not sure who you're looking for then look for the guy dressed as Ratatouille: white chef coat w/ Remy on my shoulder & a black kilt.  We're always looking for a good opportunity to bring people together, & this is an amazing event for a fun night out. So we hope to see you there!

X-mas Eve at Old Ebbitt:  The holidays are a crazy time. But our X-mas Eve gathering has seriously grown over the years. Offering a perfect respit from Yuletide mayhem, it’s the perfect chance to gather our scene-based family & truly connect over drinks, good food, & good conversation. So if you don’t have plans (or might want to escape the plans you have), then please join us at the Old Ebbitt Grill for a chance to unwind & connect before the holiday mayhem takes hold.


The Old Ebbitt Grill ( flag ship for the Clyde's organization & located at 675 15th St. NW DC.  We gather around 9pm until close at 2am. KEEP IN MIND THERE ARE 3 BARS - we try our best to be at the main bar just to your right as you first enter, but often this gets crowded (also check out the back section of this bar which loops around to the back). Our second choice is a bar located in the room immediately to your LEFT as you enter. Worse case scenario, we might be in the back room all the way to the back of the restaurant.


If you're not sure who you're looking for then just look for the stuffed white bear w/ the "Naughty" Santa Hat. And please feel free to invite & bring as many friends as you might want to include.

Please Note: This is mainstream affair, but all our gatherings bring together various cultures of the overall scene. So please come with an open mind, a desire for fun, & conduct yourself in a respectful manner to all who are present.


For Pics & Galleries of past events see our Gallery Page.

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