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Our Post Covid build-out is now in progress! We're back in action with some awesome news, new endeavors, & a new direction. Our Calendars, Clubs, Groups, & Resources have all been fully updated. Metro Events, Parties, & Socials have been input for the coming months.  Social media has also been expanded to offer a more aggressive effort across the spectrum.


So we hope you'll join us as opportunities become available during the reemergence.

A Few Announcements from The Metro Underground:


The DC Fetish Ball was an Incredible Success! All I can say is, WOW!  In 13 years of full-scale events & parties, I’ve never been more surprised. I thought this year was going to be kind of ‘eh…’ Instead, I’m completely mind blown. 'Reemergence’ was one of the best events we’ve ever hosted! The turn out was incredible, the energy was tangible, the level of play was awesome, & the night as a whole was absolutely amazing. I want to thank 'everyone' who made it out to this year's edition of the DC Fetish Ball. I couldn't be more happy.  I'd also like to thank my amazing team who make it out year after year to bring the magic & make it happen. They are truly the heart & soul that gives it life. It's a true honor to host such an incredible affair & I am forever blessed by such an amazing group who stand in support.  Stay healthy, be well, & keep the fires burning bright!


Rick D~

(Richard A.D)


Social Media: we’re on it!

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News & Notes from Around the Scene:


Archived postings for each of the following can now be found on Blogspot:


Covid Update regarding the Delta Variant:


With regard to Delta, we’re keeping close tabs on developing trends. But as it stands: “Less than 0.004% of Vaccinated cases have experienced some form of hospitalization, with less than 0.001% having died.” That’s less than 4,000th or 1,000th of ONE Percent. Statistically, it’s less relevant than a rounding error. We can't help but to feel they need to stop reporting numbers as 'new' cases, & instead report cases as vaxxed vs unvaxxed.


For more, please see Youtube:


In truth, we could have been out of this by now. We’re tired of fighting people’s agenda on the anti-vax movement, so we’ve decided to move forward with this year’s Fetish Ball (however, Underground Parties remain on hiatus).


We’ve spoken with several friends & contacts in the medical field, & they have all conveyed that literally 'everyone' they’ve dealt with who required some form of hospitalization was unvaxxed. One conversation also made an interesting point - a reason we’re seeing hospitalization rates increase is because we now have effective treatments, so people are more actively being admitted (previously, unless you were in dire condition they had no treatment available so they just sent you home).


And speaking personally as Richard A.D, I can say that I know more than a few people who have been breakout cases for the Delta Variant. All were vaxxed & in each case their symptoms were equated to no more than a week of bad allergies. I see no reason to sit captive while people fight a ridiculous political agenda. Delta is real, but the vaxxed world is moving forward & so are we.


Thank you.

Lost to Covid or otherwise shut down during 2020/2021:


Club Orpheus - With an eclectic blend of Alternative, Darkwave, Progressive, Electro, Punk, & 80's Retro, Orpheus hosts many of Baltimore's underground & alternative club nights. Their last entry for any media anywhere was Jan of 2020 & Yelp has them listed as Permanently Closed. We have to assume they did not survive Covid & this is the case.


Citadel of Kink - Hosted in Woodbridge, Va. C.o.K. hosts smaller play parties & educational forums. Further efforts have begun to piggy back on dedicated hotel takeovers to bring a kink element to the swinger community. Closed due to covid, plus issues of a conservative politics against the community.


Club Shadows - On-Premise brick & mortar club offering 5,000 sq.ft. in the heart of Hyattsville, MD. They once had a reasonable presence but were found to be a shady organization from day one. It was no surprise that they soon fell to Covid.


Southwest VA Socials - Monthly socials held in a relaxed, intimate setting. DJs are professional; all alcohol is BYOB w/ mixers provided & full service bartenders readily available. The main venue is meet & greet, but on premise play is held after the party in the group's hospitality suite. Currently, all links are down & they seem to have been lost to Covid.


Chesapeake Bay Swinging Boaters - An on-line forum for area boaters to gather in & around the Chesapeake. A 'host' makes a post & members respond to join the meet. The location, date, & time are set & boaters are guided to the gathering spot by a hailing channel. But the key organizers seem to have moved to St. Pete Fla. & have redirected activities there.


Ziegfelds / Secrets - DC's biggest & best emporium for drag shows & nude male dancers. After many years as one of the regions longest running venues of its kind, its owner was already contemplating retirement when any further plans were lost to covid.


The DC Eagle - having served numerous aspects of the LGBT community with a general focus toward gay male leather, they also hosted select nights for various aspects of other alternative cultures. But struglling w/ rising rents, they were finally lost to Covid.


Hummer - Club night focused toward those into Latex, Leather, Uniform, Gear, & Kink/Fetish with an orientation to the younger TNG Crowd. With a strict dress code & a live erotic showcase, it's gone through a few renditions of who, where, & what it was over the years. But in a post-covid world, they finally announced that hummer has closed its doors. After losing their last location, they finally decided it was the best path forward.


Bi-Weekly Parties - Hosted at various locations around the area. Targeted specifically to Bi men & women, couples w/ Bi-partners (& those who love them), as well as CD, TG, & TS individuals. In a post-covid world, their lead host had moved to South Carolina & suspended all DC operations.


T-Girl Nation - Hosting parties for the TV/TG community, their friends, admirers, "& anyone who can put up with us." Events are open to all. No membership or cover required. Locations change but are often hosted at Bar Rouge (NW DC).


Open Minded Events - Private group sponsoring all male play parties in Dupont. Active participation is encouraged. Previously known as Having Parties, their final affair was held on Sept 5th, 2021.


Philadelphia Women's Leather -  Featuring bar nights for Philadelphia women into leather & fetish. This is a pansexual organization & is open gay, bi, straight or any persuasion with an interest in leather. And actually, you don't even need to be into that!


Peek-a-Boo Review - Philly shows its sparkles offering ongoing shows & tours with a neo-burlesque review of top talent featuring high energy shows. Unfortunately, all links are down & they seem to have fallen to Covid.


Brightest Young Things - An exhaustive list of events & enticements throughout the area. During Covid they made the decision to focus their talent toward consulting, marketing, & professional branding. Using their talents to the best of their ability, they were forced to evolve within a post-covid landscape. We wish them well & are sorry to see them go.


On Tap Magazine - Washington's ultimate guide to the club, pub, & restaurant scene. Available online as well as in local venues throughout the area. This is a monthly publication.


Executive Women’s Roundtable - A forum for executive women to develop & foster relationships, as well as to explore opportunities for continuous learning. Forum lost due to Covid.


Philly2Nite - Philadelphia's nightlife resource, featuring club & restaurant reviews, guest list availability, area events, as well as mainstream alternative venues.


Maryland Faerie Festival - Hosted at Ramblewood Campground. Darlington, Md.

The Free Spirit Gathering - Gathering for Wiccan & Pagan Spirituality at Ramblewood.

Queen City Potter Party - The entire town of Staunton, Va. transforms itself to all things Harry Potter!

South Carolina Leather Pride - East Coast leather competition in Columbia, SC.


Recent Additions:

  • Clubs: Crew Club - Gay male bath house on 14th St. NW DC. Previously shut down, they are now back.
  • Groups: Cum Union DC - International sex club for gay & bi men. Previously disbanned, they have now returned to the area. 
  • Recurring Nights:  80's night DC is once again back in action. But not on a consistent schedule.

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