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Our Annual Build-out is now complete! We're back in action with some awesome news, new endeavors, & a new direction. Our Calendars, Clubs, Groups, & Resources have all been fully updated. Metro Events, Parties, & Socials have been input for the coming months. Plus the site as a whole now offers a better interface for laptop, tablet, & cell phone alike. Social media has also been expanded to offer a more aggressive effort across the spectrum.


We have high hopes for the coming year, so we hope you'll join us as opportunities become available.

A Few Announcements from The Metro Underground:


Due to the circumstances of Covid-19, all efforts for The Metro Underground, Metro Events, & Underground Parties have been suspended until further notice. Basically 2020 is cancelled until we can finally emerge from that global pandemic. Until then, please be well, stay healthy, & keep the fires burning bright. Thank you. 


Scene Socials - Our central focus has always been to bring people of a like mind together & create a forum for people to connect. Our Scene Socials offer a type of late evening happy hour fromat to do just that. All too often we converse at affairs with not much more than a sound-bite, so by design our casual socials are NOT a scene-based event. They're offered purely as a chance for people to gather & connect on a deeper level over drinks, good food, & honest conversation. So in addition to our events & parties, we now host about 6-8 such gatherings per year. Please keep an eye on our Events Page for future gatherings.


The Spring Fantasy Expose - Metro Events have always been known for bringing a strong edge w/ active play to the public forum. Indeed, The DC Fetish Ball will continue to do just that! But in 2021 we hope to bring something new to the stage. Focused more on music, entertainment, & fashion we'll offer something a bit more mainstream while keeping 'just' enough of an edge to keep it interesting. Details are coming soon, so please keep an eye out.


Road Trip!  Coming Memorial Day Weekend (2021): The Metro Underground takes to the road for an event of epic proportion. We're planning a trip to Ft. Lauderdale for the Fetish Factory 25th Anniversary Weekend. Possibly the biggest, baddest, & most amazing fetish event in North America - The Metro & Friends will be there in force as DC travels to Florida for an unbelievable time not to be missed! Offering 5 days, 9 parties, for an epic all fetish hotel takeover! Tickets are already going fast, so we hope you'll join us for an incredible trip w/ memories to last a lifetime.


Social Media: we’re on it!

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News & Notes from Around the Scene:


Archived postings for each of the following can now be found on Blogspot:


COVID 2020:


COVID-19 / Coronavirus: we take concerns for COVID-19 & the impact of Coronavirus on our local region very seriously. We ask that everyone take dedicated precautions in the wake of our current situation. First & foremost, wash your hands regularly & keep active awareness of when you touch other surfaces or others, & above all avoid arbitrarily touching your face. This is the best way to reduce risk of contagion.


With regard to Metro Calendars: bascially 2020 is cancelled. The Metro does not support any underground activity while the greater community remains in quarantine. So we will not list any active functions until we can safely emerge from the global crisis.
 Thank you, Richard A.D.


Calendar Insights for the Coming Months:  it's a sad thing too, as the planets had aligned for one hell of a year!

  • Valentine's fell on a Friday w/ Feb 15th marking 10 years since Dirk's tragic passing.
  • We will see Friday the 13th in both March & November. The planets have aligned for March 13th to host our first Scene Social of the year. So we gather to celebrate The Great Celtic Revival, immediately followed by Steak & Blowjob Day! What could possibly go wrong?
  • Hugh Hefner's Birthday falls on Easter weekend to make way for the ultimate Bunny Ball. This will be immediately followed by Cake & Cunnilingus Day!
  • Beltane falls on a Friday, beginning an epic weekend for the pagan celebration of life, love, & the coming of summer.
  • Cinco de Mayo is on Taco Tuesday.
  • Memorial Day will host the 25th Anniversary Weekend for Fetish Factory (Ft.Lauderdale).
  • In June, SummerIsle, The Free Spirit Gathering, the Pagan Spirit Gathering, & Fusion will all be held over the Summer Solstice.
  • July 4th is a Full Moon Saturday, & with Monday off it will be a 3-day weekend.
  • Pennsic 'Carnival' w/ Die Fledermaus will take place on the apex of a Full Moon.
  • Labor Day Weekend & ALL the events that go with it will all take place during a full moon.
  • Sept 16th hosts the 400th anniversary for the Mayflower setting sail. The following Saturday is Talk Like a Pirate Day (Puritans vs Impuritans? This should be a thing).  
  • Halloween is on a Saturday, it will be a Full Blue Moon (twice in the same month), & we set our clocks back that night!
  • November will bring the most important election of our generation. This will be immediately followed by Guy Fawkes Day. Coincidence?  :-o
  • This year, Thanksgiving is on a Thursday w/ Black Friday on a Friday.  :-)
  • Krampusnacht DC falls on the actual Krampus Night worldwide (Sat Dec 5th). This will also host the anniversary for the National Repeal of Prohibition.
  • Xmas falls on a Friday thus making a 3-day weekend.
  • Richard A.D.'s Birthday will fall on Hump Day under a Full Moon (the possibilities are endless).
  • New Years Day falls on a Friday, thus allowing NYE to lead off another 3-day weekend.

Rock & Roll Hotel Closes (see article from City Paper): In a continuing trend for the city, yet another DC venue for live music & events has closed. Due to the rising cost of rent, increased competition, & lower revenues, management at the Rock & Roll Hotel abruptly closed its doors as of March 2nd. They have no plans to reopen.


A Heartfelt Farewell to Frazier of The Crucible: as previously noted, back in November our community lost an icon. Frazier Botsford was the driving force & founder of The Crucible, Camp Crucible, LF&P, & a long-standing leader for the DC Scene. No doubt, his legacy carries far & his tireless efforts have touched the lives of many. Speaking personally (as Richard A.D), he & I actually go back well before the days of The Crucible, a lifetime ago when our younger selves were managing restaurants & pubs. I've always considered him a long standing friend well outside our efforts w/in the scene; efforts to which we always stood in deep support of each other. It was a fond memory to host him for Xmas during the hiatus when the Crucible stood between locations. But once up & running, he was back at it, giving all of us orphans a home. Indeed, that's what he's always done, working tirelessly to give us a place where people of a like mind could gather & explore that side of us which stood true to our inner selves. I had donated my family's pool table to The Crucible because I wanted to find it just such a home. After the opening, we shot a round but something came up & we never finished the game. Perhaps in the next life, but I feel there's a lesson here. for so much of our lives are often left unfinished, so always show you care & always carry forth a message of love to those who matter most. His legacy shall carry on, but he shall be missed. Rest well old friend. Soon enough, we shall all meet again upon the seas of time.


The Crew Club Closes in DC (See Blade Article): After decades as DC's premier gay bathhouse, & currently the only business in the city to maintain such a license, the owners have decided to cash out & retire. This brings the end of an era to the DC gay scene & carries a void that shall not be replaced.


Town 2.0 is currently in the works:  The former owners of Town are working on a new club off North Capitol Street in DC. It's always been a fantasy to convert a church to a club, so it's incredibly cool that the new place is a former Baptist Church. If photos look familiar, it's because the new location is right down from the former location for The Crucible. See Washington Post for full artilce.


Distrikt C Goes Dark? - previously the largest fetish dance night for DC's gay scene, they severed relations with the DC Eagle & moved to Karma on Adams Place NE. A new direction also saw Distrikt expanding beyond DC to include nights in Philadelphia & New York. But recently they seem to have gone inactive. We're checking their current status & will be providing updates shortly.


Metro Reviews You Say? Why Yes!   In the beginning we would publish active & unbiased reviews from our travels throughout the scene. Basically, we wanted people to know what they were missing. We pulled away for a while, but have since reinstalled this element under News & Notes. So please check back, this is an occasional forum that is constantly evolving. I hope you check it out & expand your horizons for some new & exciting. The scene has many corners, so we'll keep bringing you some insight as the days & months progress. We look forward to crossing paths sometime soon. 


Keep an eye out for our next review coming soon:  From travels out & about throughout the scene!


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