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We're Back!   Welcome to the ‘New & Improved’ Metro Underground. Now bigger, better, & more badass! Now with a new look, new layout, fully expanded info, plus full compatibility for tech platforms from across the spectrum.  


Celebrating 10 years in the scene, our new initiative offers a WHOLE new level for everything you need to stay fully informed & in the know. In truth, we’re proud to say we’re currently the most comprehensive resource for any metro region throughout the world!

First a Few Notes for The Metro...


The DC Fetish Ball Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary (  A decade in the making, the area’s most respected & anticipated event returns to Ultra Bar on Sunday, Oct.8th (Columbus Day Weekend). Due to its increasing popularity, this year we’ll be limiting attendance & will absolutely sell out! So don’t wait - tickets go on sale immediately after Labor Day.


DC eXotica Returns (MetroEvents): After an unbelievably successful debut, DC eXotica returns to the district for a second year. Planned for Sunday, Jan 14th (MLK Weekend) we’ll be back at Ultra Bar for a night of decadence & beauty you won’t want to miss.  


We’re Phasing Out Our Facebook Page (Facebook): Due to the new policies of Facebook, The Metro Page has become almost irrelevant. As a result, we’re now focusing almost exclusively on our Facebook Group & Fetlife for social media.  So: FB Page = to => Facebook Group 


Work is Moving Forward on Galleries & Pics (Galleries): We’re currently in the process of posting full galleries & top pics from past events. These include the Final Black & White Ball, Aiyoku & Steampunk Apocalypse (Spring Fromal), DC Fetish Ball for 2015 & 2016, as well as DC eXotica. We’re terribly behind & apologize for the wait. However, we hope to be caught up by the next Fetish Ball in October.  Thank you for your patience.


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News from Around the Scene:


Archived postings for each of the following can now be found on Blogspot:

News & Notes: Fall 2017 (please check back for future progress)...


Fall PDF is Cancelled (Announcement-Link): Due to struggles with its current location, the Fall event for Playa Del Fuego has been cancelled. In its place, a new burn has been organized called Constellation. It’s currently uncertain if this will affect the spring PDF or if they’ll just host it at the new location. Indeed, the search for a proper venue is an ongoing struggle for most. Transformus has fallen to the same circumstances & is no more. But the organizers of PDF seem committed & should find good ground upon which to build soon.


Cranberries Tour Cancelled (Announcement-Link): Unfortunately, The Cranberries North American & European Tour has recently been cancelled. The only east coast show still in progress will be New York. According to the band’s official statement, Doloris O’Riordan has been suffering from extreme back problems. On the advisement of her doctors she was forced to drop out & the band cancelled the tour. See link for full statement & possibilities for a future return.


Mixtape Goes Quarterly (Faebook): One of the 9:30 Club’s most beloved nights has shifted to a quarterly format. Celebrating 9 years in the scene, the burden started to wear on its promoters. Although they considered shutting it down, they still loved the night & all it brought to the scene. So the perfect compromise was to shift formats to a quarterly schedule & move forward while creating a better balance within themselves. The new schedule will include nights for September, December, March, and June.


Recent Shake-Up on Fetlife (Announcement-Link): For those who are unaware, Fetlife has recently suffered a major shake-up. Several groups & elements of certain profiles were pulled. This was due to a recent governmental shakedown under the initiative of “Operation Chokepoint” (worthy of note that this law was recently taken off the books). The master minds behind Fetlife have made full disclosure of the problems involved & have worked diligently to maintain full integrity of the site. See link for more.


The Crucible is Now Open & Active (The-Crucible): In case you’ve been living under a rock, DC’s one & only playspace for the kink-set is once again open! After a 2 year hiatus, Frazier & his aligned powers have been working diligently to fight a mountain of red tape to get the doors open. Indeed, the new space is a beautiful venue & marked improvement over the previous 2 locations. They’re quickly gaining speed & now have a very active calendar. So be sure to check it out & throw some support for the new initiative. And congrats on the tenacity to see it through!   


CCPS 2nd Attempt has Left Them Indefinitely on Hiatus (CCPS): After significant financial difficulties drove the Charm City Play Space from its previous location, a second attempt was made at a new location just north of Baltimore. Unfortunately, things have not come together. This coupled health issues facing the owner has left them indefinitely closed until further notice.  


Big Changes to DC TNG (Announcement-Link):  As of late, there’s been a bit of a shake-up w/ DC TNG. The end result of which is a step in a positive direction. For sometime now, DC TNG has been open to all w/out the usual requirements of a 35 & under group that is usually seen. So ‘The Next Generation’ is spinning off into its own group while the current group is restructuring under Hellfire DC. This new group will serve as a fundamental ‘gateway’ group w/out the age restriction, & will carry forward w/ its current happy hour & monthly play party. We wish them well as they rebrand & restructure the new initiative!


Update for Indecent Enterprise (Announcement-Link): Having lost 2 of its core venues, Indecent Enterprise is temporarily scaling back its once active calendar to take a bit of hiatus while it regroups. This does not mean it’s inactive. Currently they do plan to maintain their presence at regional camps while they sort out issues with a new space.


Diabolique Ball is Potentially on Hiatus (Diabolique): But alas, it appears that a recent shake up w/ one of Philly’s most beloved events has potentially put them on temporary hiatus. Please keep an eye out for future announcements.


Skin Two Magazine is Refocusing Efforts (SkinTwo):  With a worldwide following, Skin Two has stood for years as the most respected magazine for the fetish & latex subculture. But in an era of social media & dwindling returns on print media, they too have felt the reality of industry economics. As a result, they are now focused almost entirely on their clothing line & have phased out the magazine almost completely. To which, they do not stand alone. Gorgeous Freaks Magazine has followed suit & is currently directing almost all activities toward their clothing line as well. We respect their effort over the years, wish them well in their new endeavor, & lament the passing of a giant.


Our Love & Best Wishes for Richard & Vicki of Tabu (Facebook): For those who may be unaware, Richard (co-owner of Tabu Social Club w/ his wife Vicki) recently collapsed a lung & has been having a difficult time with his health. Although we expect a full recovery, our heart goes out to Vicky & Rick wishing him a speedy recovery, good health, & prosperous days ahead. Please send some love if you’re able, they could use some good vibes through this difficult time.


New Club Comes to Hyattsville (ClubShadow): DC has a new on-premise brick-&-mortar swinger club! To date, we have not been to any of their functions. But for those groups who may be looking for a solid venue, you may want to check them out.


Antibiotic Resistant Gonorrhea has Hit the U.S. (article): Numbers are still miniscule, but it must be noted that a new strain of antibiotic resistant gonorrhea has recently encroached on the U.S. We don’t want to spread unwarranted fear, but this is a significant development worthy of note.


The DC Eagle is Alive & Well (DCEagle): Also filed under the heading of “in case you’ve been living under a rock” - DC’s one & only gay male leather club has returned to form. The new venue offers a vast space w/ secured parking & an active schedule of events.

Coming & Going (In-&-Out):

Recent Additions:

  • Clubs:  Peek-a-Boo ReviewThe Aviary - Shadows - Distrikt-C, Cum Union DC, Cum Union Philly, Club Philly.
  • Groups:  Corrupt Mind Productions, The Gate, Bucks County BDSM Philadelphia Jacks.
  • Recurring Nights:  The Further - Crucible-U, SE Pa. Social Distrikt-C, DC Prime Timers, Nellie's Drag Brunch.
  • Also:  Peculiar Productions, Samsara Entertainment Lotus Blooms.

Currently Inactive & Deleted from the Site:

Alchemy - After a brief return to the scene, one of DC's longest running Goth-Industrial Dance nights has canceled all ongoing operations There's an outside chance they'll bring back Goth Prom & Spooky, but we doubt it


Essence Productions - Based out of Baltimore, Essence produces some of the most high end Raves in the area. Events & productions tend to be specific to the DC / Baltimore region & carry a direct focus in Dubstep, EDM, & Drum-&-Base.


Open Hearth Foundation - An open & active organization focused toward the pagan community.

Nocturne Wednesday - Previously hosted at Shampoo Nightclub, all further events as a weekly goth night have been permanently suspended. It's promoters will instead focus on the furthered success of the long running Drac's Ball.

Unscene Philly - As the name suggests, UNscene was not about any particular scene, label, or trend. Rather, it's designed to be a welcoming & friendly atmosphere for creative, quirky, artistic & eclectic people from all backgrounds & identities. A noble experiment that seems to proven focus is better, or that Goth-Industrial is dead no matter what spin you put on it.

Sex Dwarf - Described as "Philly’s Premiere New Wave Dance Party." In operation for over 9 years, they feature 80's nostalgia, goth, & non-stop new-wave dance tracks. Fluid Nightclub closed & the promoters decided to move forward.

John's Dark Corner - Due to the sudden & unexpected passing of its founder & core promoter (lost in an auto accident), Philadelphia's longest running Gothic & Alternative Dance Party has past into the night. Thank you John for many dedicated years.

Wasteland - Held the Last Friday of each month. Hosted by DJ Medusa, the club night features goth, ambient, experimental, & a dash of glam rock. After 5 good years the host DJ's & Promoters felt enough was enough.

Sacred Mark Sanctuary - Blending tribal ritual with sensual desire, the cornerstone of Sacred Mark is to more deeply explore the connection between mind, body, & spirit. Embracing both the sacred & profane, they seek an enriched journey. As we understand it, Sacred Mark was essentially folded into Primal Arts. See listing under Groups.


Fire & Flow List - A comprehensive listing of Fire & Flow events for the national calendar.

Skin Two ( International magazine for fetish fashion, clubs, parties, news, & more. Still in existence as a company, but they've completely refocused efforts into a latex & fetish clothing line.

DC Dungeon - Fully developed play parties hosted at a beautiful location in Rockville. The crowd is diverse, welcoming, & the parties generally offer a very high degree of energy & play. This operation has been rebranded & moved to Baltimore.

DXS Rapture - Brought to you by Dream~X~Streams, a long standing S&M organization hosting on-site play parties at a well equipped but discreet location. Full bar, dancing, & Dom's/Domme's on site are included. A scene leader for years, DXS finally wore out & decided to call it a day.


Indulgent Events - Hosting monthly events at the DC Speakeasy, they are self-described as an event production company that "breaks the rules on a traditional play party." Check fetlife group for further info & updated schedule.

Fetfest Playspace - Currently inactive as far as we can tell .

Club Femme  - A group dedicated to the Dominant Female & submissive male. Select gatherings are hosted on the final Saturday of each month at an on-site dungeon in Glen Burnie, MD. Membership application is required.

Dark Sanctuary - A members only on premise BDSM group with a focus on education & a safe, sane, & consensual environment for open play. Most events draw between 15-30 couples.


Philly Area Bondage Enthusiasts - A Bondage Group focusing on Japanese & Western rope art. They offer on-line discussions, private hands-on workshops, demo's, & meet for fairly frequent gatherings.

T.I.E.D. / Tidewater Individuals Exploring Domination - Non-profit pansexual organization for those interested in BDSM, D&S, & the Fetish Culture. Seminars & open forum chat groups are featured every Thursday.

W.H.I.P / West Virginia Humans Into Perversion - “WHIP” is a pansexual education & social group serving the BDSM Culture throughout WV, MD, VA, & S. PA. WHIP offers Member’s Socials, Munches, Educational discussions & demo’s.

DCBDSM ( - Offering a concise layout for events specific to the DC BDSM Scene. This effort use a Google calendar application & provides a more familiar format than the expansive scroll provided by The Metro Underground.

Northern Delaware D/s - Since 2004, Steve & Tami have been hosting events throughout the year, including their grand event, the NDDS Boot Camp. New members must first attend a munch to be included within the group. Current members must attend a munch, event, or group party at least once every 3 months to remain on the list-serve. There is no fee for membership.


R.O.D.S. / Roanoke Order of Dominants & Submissives - A pansexual BDSM group for Southwest Virginia & the surrounding area. They are "dedicated to providing education, support, & a social network in a safe, responsible & discreet environment."

DC Couples - But alas, one of DC's longest running & exclusively on premise clubs lives no more... :-(

Starz: Formally Capital Couples - DC's longest running organization for the swinger community has finally come to an end. The Crucible has merged it with Rites of Bacchus & folded both into the new Crucible Lifestyle. Please see listing above...

Rites of Bacchus / R.O.B.E. - see "Crucible Lifestyle" for full details.


Chesapeake Polyamory Network - CPN used to be a centralized organization, but when its formal membership began to dwindle it changed its format to more of a community. It remains active in the area, but events now come from the community itself & not a centralized structure. Events & discussion are posted through yahoo groups.


Carnal Desire - On a local level they produce parties & gatherings for the regional market of lifestyle swingers. But they also offer a mobile app designed to unify the lifestyle with a global outreach.

Sweet Ecstasy Couples & Singles - Based in Temple Hills, MD. SECS is an on-premise group for African American couples & single women to meet for active & open play. Events begin with a social happy hour & lead into erotic entertainment to get the energy flowing. The atmosphere is one of safe fun & togetherness. Drugs are not tolerated. 

Obsescions - An on-premise group for African American couples & single women. Events run from club style gatherings, to private parties at select locations. They also feature erotically themed events on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.

Capital Cream - Formally hosted monthly on premise Play Parties in & around DC. This was a couples only organization. After recent issues w/ zoning, they have shut down operations & moved forward w/ more select private parties.

Harford County Swing Club (HCSC) - MoCo, Baltimore, & Anne Arundel (site is down): on premise house parties for couples & select women twice a month. Hosted by Ron & Cookie as the Silver Spring chapter of HCSC.

Seaside Encounters - Yet another great venue has closed it's doors forgood. The Lifestyle's favored weekend getaway to Bethany Beach has sold its house & left the area so it is no more. Quite sad... :-(

Northern VA Couples - Monthly off premise socials are held for couples & single women in the Fredericksburg area. Current association is about 400 members. All contact information was recently returned as undeliverable

Club Kama Sutra - But alas, one of Philly's most well known & exclusively on premise clubs lives no more... :-( "After five great years of parties with everyone’s knowledge and approval we were suddenly ordered to close." 

The Delaware Valley Synergy Group - One of Philadelphia's best kept secrets for over 30 years. The DVS supports open relationships allowing individuals & couples to openly explore alternatives to the traditional monogamous relationship. They conduct discussions & workshops as well as sponsoring socials, events, parties, brunches, restaurant & theater outings, hot tub parties, etc.

Washington Metro BBW Swingers - A regional group that hosts regular on premise parties as well as off premise meet & greets specifically for 'Big Beautiful Women' & the people who love them. Events tend to alternate between MD & N. VA. (adjacent events are also held in Baltimore & Delaware) - Single Men, Women, & Couples are all welcome. 


The Lion's Den (LionsDenLifestyle) - Based out of Ft. Washington, MD. the Lion's Den offers ongoing parties for select couples as well as online forums to meet & greet. Membership is required. Currently, the site is down so we're checking to confirm if they've disbanded.


Pendulum - Kink aware swingers group located in Central Virginia. Available for couples, singles & other groups interested &/or active in the swinging lifestyle.


Tidewater Blue Magazine - Currently an archive housing what was one of the Mid-Atlantic's main online magazines for Southeastern Virginia & Richmond. It offers personals, articles, & erotic fiction. Serves a variety of Lifestyle interests.


The Garden / DC Hothouse - A queer owned, sex-positive endeavor offering education & events for the DC area. At its core, their mission strives to provide a place for everyone to explore their sexuality in a safe inclusive environment.


Vitruvian Men ( Discreet art gallery on Capitol Hill hosting all male nude social & play parties. These include but are not limited to Capitolbate, nude male sketch sessions, & naked yoga. Donation is minimal & parties are scheduled weekly.
Also see FacebookThe group seems to have fallen inactive. We're checking on viability.


CapitolBate ( All Male Masturbation Group that meets biweekly at a private gallery in the Eastern Market area of Capitol Hill. Gatherings are hosted On-Premise w/ a strict focus on J/O. All types are welcome. We believe this group to be inactive & are checking its viability.


Open Minded Events ( Private group sponsoring all male play parties in Dupont. Affairs offer a no-pressure environment but active participation is encouraged. Pics & stats are required for invitation. A donation of $20-$40 is requested  (no donation for first time attendees). Previously known as Having Parties. This group may be inactive. We're checing on thier status.

Lambda Soleil - Gay male nudist group in the DC & Mid-Atlantic region. Members include all races, ethnic groups, ages, sizes, etc. Membership is required but annual dues are only $10. See website for full information. Site is down & no activity is noted.

Naked Boys of N.Va - A relatively new group to the DC & Northern Virginia scene, they provide private parties, select meet & greet opportunities, never really seemed to gain traction or get off the ground.

Fuel Warehouse Parties (confirmed closed) - Fully nude all male play parties hosted in a discreet warehouse in the stadium district of Baltimore. Parties on Friday & Saturday have select door standards for young & hot - Wednesday & Sunday are open to all.. 

KINK - A group offering 2 distinct & different parties. One is specifically for women & the transgender community, while the other is for men. Both are held at a dedicated play space in DC. website is down & last Twitter post was well over a year ago.

Sticky Playground - All Male masturbation & play party. Parties are held at a private residence in Silver Spring, Md. Small donation ($5) covers cost of refreshments. RSVP is required. - Website is down & they never seemed to get going .

Sons du Soleil - Gay male nudist group in the DC & Mid-Atlantic region. They provide a yahoo post board & host between 2-4 major functions each year. No membership fee. Small donation for parties to help cover the cost of food, etc. Website has been diverted but we believe they're still active. We're currently checking on location & status so please check back.

Deck 10 - Offering pool-side nude socials throughout the summer season. Check website for updates & parties.

DC Jacks - All Male network group for J/O parties in & around the DC area. Yahoo Group is Down.

Men of Discipline DC - An alternative leather fraternity of Gay men focused in the BDSM Community.

Corcoran Society - The Corcoran provided gala events, on-site cocktail parties, exhibit preview/receptions, & cultural gatherings. As the gallery has been sold, the Corcoran Society has been disbanded.

American Independent Writers- Association for professional freelance writers, formally Washington Independent Writers. Due to dwindling membership & lack of leadership it was shut down.

Learning Escapes - Events & trips for singles in the DC area. The endeavor changed hands & new leadership let it slide.


Events & Adventures - "An activities group for active singles." This is a members only organization so you'll have to join the regional group. But they do host a wide variety of interesting outings & activities.

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