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Our Post Covid build-out is now in progress! We're back in action with some awesome news, new endeavors, & a new direction. Our Calendars, Clubs, Groups, & Resources have all been fully updated. Metro Events, Parties, & Socials have been input for the coming months.  Social media has also been expanded to offer a more aggressive effort across the spectrum.


So we hope you'll join us as opportunities become available during the reemergence.

A Few Announcements from The Metro Underground:


The DC Fetish Ball presents "Reemergence" - this was a complicated decision, but we’ve decided to move forward with this year’s Fetish Ball. Time was getting tight, so we needed to make the call one way or the other. However, we ARE making a few adjustments:
  • First & foremost, we will be a Fully Vaxxed event.
  • Secondly, we'll be keeping a regional focus & will NOT be promoting national campaign.
  • Some items will be also missing, such as no body shots & or Vac Bed.
  • Special needs for the fashion show have additionally been made.
  • Mask mandates will follow DC guidelines in place at the time of the ball.
We're calling it “Reemergence” w/ a tag line: ‘Somewhere between Quarantine & The Fetish Ball, you find ‘Reemergence.’  We’ve reached out & are humbled to say we have our full team on board. As always, we’re set for Sunday Oct 10th (Indigenous Peoples Weekend) at UltraBar. Updates & details are currently in progess.


Social Media: we’re on it!

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News & Notes from Around the Scene:


Archived postings for each of the following can now be found on Blogspot:


Covid Update regarding the Delta Variant:


With regard to Delta, we’re keeping close tabs on developing trends. But as it stands: “Less than 0.004% of Vaccinated cases have experienced some form of hospitalization, with less than 0.001% having died.” That’s less than 4,000th or 1,000th of ONE Percent. Statistically, it’s less relevant than a rounding error. We can't help but to feel they need to stop reporting numbers as 'new' cases, & instead report cases as vaxxed vs unvaxxed.


For more, please see Youtube:


In truth, we could have been out of this by now. We’re tired of fighting people’s agenda on the anti-vax movement, so we’ve decided to move forward with this year’s Fetish Ball (however, Underground Parties remain on hiatus).


We’ve spoken with several friends & contacts in the medical field, & they have all conveyed that literally 'everyone' they’ve dealt with who required some form of hospitalization was unvaxxed. One conversation also made an interesting point - a reason we’re seeing hospitalization rates increase is because we now have effective treatments, so people are more actively being admitted (previously, unless you were in dire condition they had no treatment available so they just sent you home).


And speaking personally as Richard A.D, I can say that I know more than a few people who have been breakout cases for the Delta Variant. All were vaxxed & in each case their symptoms were equated to no more than a week of bad allergies. I see no reason to sit captive while people fight a ridiculous political agenda. Delta is real, but the vaxxed world is moving forward & so are we.


Thank you.

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