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From gala events to private parties & casual gatherings, The Metro hosts a variety of functions throughout the year. All are lavish affairs offering top DJ’s, great entertainment, & premium bar service. Held at some of the area's best venues, we always draw a high energy crowd & roll well into the morning hours.

 Metro Events vs. Underground Parties: our main events host some of the region's most anticipated affairs. These are full scale balls & include such nights as the nationally recognized DC Fetish Ball, plus previous events such as DC eXotica, the B&W Ball, & various themed nights through the Metro Spring Formal. Scene Socials then offer a Happy Hour format for more social engagement & a deeper connection to those around us. All combined, we call this aspect of our endeavor Metro Events.  Anything planned will be posted here as well as to Facebook, Fetlife, & Twitter.

To round out the calendar, we also include Underground Parties. These are focused as more exclusive invite-only play parties which carry a fully explicit nature. By design they are presented as a swinger / kink crossover.

We put our heart & soul into everything we do, & we love bringing people together to create a bit of magic. So we hope you'll join us for our next event not to be missed!

Richard A.D. & The Metro Underground Present...

The DC Fetish Ball Presents "Reemergence!"

Coming Sunday, Oct 10th (Indigenous Peoples Weekend): ‘Reemergence’ brings the DC Fetish Ball back to life! For over a decade The Metro Underground has presented some of the most lavish events the scene has to offer. Reemergence now carries that tradition into the post-covid world. Please note: this is a Fully Vaxxed Event.

The Spring Fantasy Expose:

Metro Events have always been known for bringing a strong edge w/ active play to the public forum. But this is only one aspect for what the scene has to offer. Planned for 2022 we hope to bring something new to the stage. Focused more on music, entertainment, & fashion we'll offer something a bit more mainstream while keeping 'just' enough edge to keep it interesting.

Scene Socials:

Since our inception, our main focus has been to bring people of a like mind together & create a forum for people to connect. Seasonal Scene Socials strive to do just that. For all too often we meet at a party or event & get little more than a sound-bite. So by design, our more casual gatherings are offered so people can connect on a deeper & more meaningful level.

Road Trip! (Fetish Factory Weekend): 

Coming Memorial Day Weekend 2022, The Metro travels to Ft. Lauderdale for the Fetish Factory's 25th Anniversary Weekend. Possibly the biggest, baddest, & most amazing weekend in North America, the Metro & Friends will take to the road for an event of epic proportion & memories to last a lifetime!

Co-Hosted Events (Other Events):  In addition to our own affairs, we also co-host or are otherwise involved w/ several key events of definite note. These include but are not limited to: Carnival at Pennsic by Clan Die Fledermaus, formally Krampusnaught DC, & more.

For available photos of past events, see our Galleries Page Here.


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