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In addition to our full scale events, The Metro Underground also hosts U-Party. Smaller, more intimate, & usually carrying a theme, these are offered as more exclusive invite-only play parties. In short, they are on-premise, sex-positive, kink & swinger friendly, dance worthy, full blown private affairs where anything goes & it usually does!


Please note: due to the adult nature of Underground Parties, available pics are very limited.


Updated Pics coming soon...

St. Patrick’s Night of Mayhem: The Return of the Snakes!

Possibly one of the best smaller affairs we've ever hosted. We had an incredible crowd w/ just over 120, a high level of play, incredible energy, & an amazing night w/ truly incredible people. We look forward to the months ahead.

Mardi Gras Masquerade:  we couldn't have been more pleased w/ the turnout. The crowd was gorgeous, the level of play was fantastic, & the sense of energy was incredible. I honestly feel we created a bit of magic for the night.

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