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The Metro Underground went live in 2008 & quickly gained a strong following with high exposure. Ever since, we've been working hard to keep you in the loop & fully informed. Moving well beyond our main site, the overall endeavor includes our Facebook Group, Instagram, Twitter, & FetLife. Our seasonal newsletter can also be found on Blogspot (archives for 2009-2011 are on Live Journal).


We also host a number of affairs throughout the year. This includes the nationally recognized DC Fetish Ball each October, Viking Fest held in June, plus previous affairs such as the Black&White Ball, DC eXotica, & themed events through The Metro Spring Formal. Our Scene Socials are more casual gatherings for social engagement, plus Underground Parties which offer more exclusive play parties. Our schedule is constantly changing so please see DCFetishBall, Metro Events, or Underground Parties for what's in the works.

Keep in mind, the landscape of the scene is continually changing, so various sections will be in a constant state of transition. We welcome any input for  updates which may be needed. But please note, we don't promote sites for porn, pay for sex, content of low caliber, anything seen as spam, or venues outside the Mid-Atlantic (except for conventions or major events). So stay tuned, things continue to evolve & there's always more to come!

About Rick:  A Brief Bio…


As a professional in marketing & promotions, my reentry into the underground scene came about as the promoter for a number of events in the area. This was after a long hiatus, but you could say I was literally born into the scene...

My father (a Harvard MBA) was the comptroller & CFO to the nation's largest distributor for adult materials. Growing up, such aspects were never in our house, but its influence was definitely in my life. In fact, my first girlfriend & I went from losing our virginity to chains & vibrators in 30-days flat! By the time I left college, I had already been in my first polyamorous relationship, & a short time later I founded a small group for couples & another for those into BDSM. I even ran a small mail order company for erotic materials - my first entrepreneurial endeavor! Around this same time I was tending bar downtown & heard of a new underground club for the alternative music scene. I walked in & immediately realized there was something about all this that was a part of me.

Indeed, the full spectrum of the alternative subculture has been in my blood since I can remember. Life, love, & an ex-fiancé took me away for a while. But now I'm back & I'm here to stay.


I see SO much talent in the scene. I also see the people & interest for all that we have to offer. The psychology of our region lends itself to such pursuits, but what seemed to be lacking was a cohesive means of communication & unified promotion. So I gave it some thought & had an idea. That concept was soon given birth as The Metro Underground

About The Metro:

Our concept is unique but our mission is simple: to serve as a fundamental gateway to the full spectrum of the underground, alternative, & adult subculture for DC, Baltimore, & the Mid-Atlantic Region (running from Philly to Richmond). Through promotions & PR, we provide a more synergistic forum to help lift the fog for what's going on in & around the area, assist in the promotion of the scene as a whole, & ultimately provide a means for bridges to be built - from one culture to another, & from one group to the next.

In that pursuit, please understand that nothing about this is hap-hazard. We've given tremendous consideration to what we've assembled. The various cultures each stand independently onto themselves, but each also shares a strong degree of crossover from one aspect of the scene to the other. Taken as a whole, you find the full spectrum of The Metro Underground.




Washington, DC


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