Regional Listing of Recurring Events

Listings are sorted by date of the event, then categorized by the nature of their primary interest:

  • Alternative Music & Culture in Rust.
  • BDSM & Fetish in Red.
  • Lifestyle & Swinger in Green.
  • Gay, Bi, & Transgender in Wine.
  • Mainstream in White.

Please note: some crossover will often exist, so the function in question will be listed by the nature that most reflects the general practice of its venue.

  • The Calendars Page carries Gateway Links, Featured Events, & Regionial Concerts.
  • Our Main Calendar offers a FULL listing of all events from accross the spectrum.
  • Major National Events are listed on our Main Calendar & to their own page.
  • Weekly Recurring Events are listed here (theme nights are also on our Main Calendar).
  • For News regarding recent developments in the scene, please see News & Notes.

Recurring Events for DC, Baltimore, & the Mid-Atlantic Region:


  • Black Rose ( holds a weekly educational forum at The Crucible (NE DC).


  • Hump Day Cabaret (Instagram): An Immersive Burlesque Happy Hour at The Carlyle Room, NW DC.
  • Transit (Facebook): Weekly EDM Night in Fairfax. Hosted at Auld Shebeen downstairs.
  • DC Prime Timers (PrimeTimersDC): Gathering of older gay/bi men, upstairs at the Dupont Italian Kitchen.


  • Asylum 13 (Facebook): Nation's longest running weekly Dark Alt. Dance night is hosted at Bar XIII (Wilmington Del).
  • DC After Dark (Wordpress): Meet & Greet Happy Hour at Metrobar, Dupont (NW DC).
  • CapitolBate (Mailchimp): All Male Masturbation Group at a private gallery on Capitol Hill. Dates Vary.


  • The Crucible (The-Crucible): Holds open play or scheduled theme nights.
  • Baltimore Playhouse (BaltimorePlayhouse): Holds open play or scheduled theme nights.
  • Tabu Social Club (TabuLife): Lifestyle social play party on-premise in Catonsville, MD.
  • Fantasy Fridays w/ The PGC (thepleasuregardenclub): Philly's Pleasure Garden Club. Dates vary.
  • Saints&Sinners Newbie Night (Saints&Sinners): on-premise social play night by S&S in Philadelphia.


  • Baltimore Playhouse (BaltimorePlayhouse): Holds open play or scheduled theme nights.
  • Tabu Social Club (TabuLife): Lifestyle Social & Play Party hosted On-Premise in Catonsville, MD.
  • The Private Affair ( Lifestyle social play party hosted on-premise in Northeast MD.
  • PGC Theme Night ( Philly's Pleasure Garden Club, dates are subject to change.
  • Saints&Sinners (SaintsandSinners): on-premise play party social by Saints & Sinners in Philadelphia.
  • Lima Twist Drag Brunch (DragShowBrunch): Upscale Drag every Saturday from 12pm-3pm. Reservations Required.


  • Sunday Love (Facebook): Burner based gathering for creative expression. Runs from March to Oct at Flash (NW DC).
  • SIR (SaxWDC): For the ladies, all male burlesque brunch at Sax, NW DC. Tickets are required.
  • Best Resource for Drag Brunch (Check Links): held throughout the DC Area, Baltimore, Philadelphia, & Richmond!

4th Monday:

  • Dinner w/ Domme's (Fetlife): The DC Sub Club hosts a monthly dinner at The Assembly in Rosslyn, Va.

2nd Tuesday:

  • Tuesday Night Slosh (Fetlife): Kink-set gathering at the Northside Tavern in DC. Schedule subject to vary.
  • MAsT ( holds a roundtable discussion following its monthly meet-up.

3rd Tuesday:

  • SE Pa. Social Monty Munch (Fetlife): Social happy hour / meet & greet hosted just outside of Philly.

1st Wednesday:

  • Spectre Happy Hour (Fetlife): Monthly Kink Happy Hour at The Admiral (Dupont Circle) NWDC.
  • Hybrid Hump Day Happy Hour (Fetlife Group): Monthly gathering in Frederick, Md.

1st & 3rd Wednesday: 

2nd Wednesday: 

  • Carroll County Decadence (Fetlife): Monthly gathering for dinner & drinks in Carroll County, Md.
  • MassColab (MassCollab): Pre-Party Happy Hour at Trade, followed by Play Party at The Crew Club (NW DC).
  • Sigma (sigmadc) holds open play theme nights at The Crucible (previously a weekly, now meets monthly).

3rd Wednesday:

  • Columbia Unwound (Fetlife): Kink Social Meet-up at The Ale House, Columbia Md. Dates subject to change.
  • LINK / Lancaster in Kink (Fetlife): Gathering in Lancaster, Pa. for the kink set. Dates subject to change.

1st Thursday: 

  • DCAS Happy Hour (Fetlife): kink meet-up for DC Anti-Social at various venues throughout the city. Dates vary.
  • Gateway ( Monthly meeting hosted by the Black Rose at The Crucible.

2nd Thursday: 

  • BPH Tangled Up (BaltimorePlayhouse): The Baltimore Playhouse hosts an open ropeshare shibari party.

3rd Thursday: 

  • Solid State (Facebook): Wilmington Del. hosts Goth-Indsrial night at Bar XIII (1706 Philadelphia Pike).
  • Society of the Phoenix (Fetilife): Special Fire Play education & play night at The Baltimore Playhouse.
  • Swing Social Club Night (Fetlife): Swinger-Kink social hosted in Dupont (NW DC). Dates subject to change

4th Thursday: 

  • BR NaCK ( Black Rose "New and Curious Kinksters" host a monthly discussion (NW DC).
  • Crucible Rendevous (The-Crucible): Queer friendly, Swinger/Kink theme night at The Crucible (NE DC).

1st Friday:

  • Dungeon 101 (The-Crucible): The Black Rose hosts Dungeon101 at The Crucible.
  • First Contact (Fetlife): Exploratorium & Dungeon 101 Series at The Baltimore Playhouse.
  • TPA Mocha Party ( P.O.C. lifestyle party by Mocha at The Private Affair (N.East MD).
  • Kink Bear Invasion Night (Uproar): Kink Bear night, at Uproar Lounge (NW DC).
  • First Friday Dupont (Facebook): Art inspired gallery tour w/ wine tastings & more.
  • First Friday Art Walk (ihearthighland): Highlandtown Baltimore hosts a gallery tour w/ wine tastings & more.

2nd Friday:

  • KULTure Shock (Facebook): Industrial, Dark Wave, EBM, & Synthpop dance night (Philly).
  • Philadelphia Experiment (thephiladelphiaexperiment): PEX EDM Rave Dance Night at The Liason Room.
  • Kinky Karaoke Play Party (Fetlife): Hosted monthly at the Kinkatron Club (Rockville) 8pm-2am.
  • Crucible Black & Kinky (The-Crucible): Open play theme night focused toward P.O.C.

3rd Friday:

  • Vortex Friday (Facebook): Dark Wave Dance Night at The Warehouse on Watts by DJ Mighty Mike Saga.
  • Crucible QINK (The-Crucible): "Queer Identifying 'N Kinky" Fetish theme night at The Crucible (NE DC).
  • Dirty Daddies Night (Uproar): Bear invasion Daddies & Kink Bear event, at Uproar Lounge (NW DC).

4th Friday:

  • BPH Kinky Karaoki (BaltimorePlayhouse): The Baltimore Playhouse hosts play party drag oriented karaoki night.

1st Saturday:

  • Metroschock (Facebook): Baltimore's best Gothic-Fusion dance night at Metro Gallery (1001 North Charles Street).
  • Sinful Naughty (The-Crucible): Fetish theme night hosted at The Crucible (NE DC).

1st & 3rd Saturday:

  • Cum Union Philly ( National sex club for gay & bi men.

2nd Saturday:

  • Haunted Palace (Facebook): DJ Nicholai presents the region's newest Synth-wave dance night at The Crown (Baltimore).
  • Fiction (Facebook): DC's continued legacy for Goth, Industrial, & Darkwave at The Safari Club.
  • Masque (Fetlife): Themed play party by Corrupt Minds, Philly.
  • Risque (The-Crucible): EDM Dance Night / Play Party at The Crucible.
  • The Aviary (TheAviaryPhilly): Social play-party meets interactive theater night in Philly.  
  • Kiki Kink Night (DCwannahaveaKiki): Leather Kink Night at KiKi Lounge (915 U St. NW DC).

3rd Saturday:

  • Slings & Arrows (Facebook/Groups): Next Generation Dark Wave Goth Night at Jimmy Valentines (NE DC). Dates vary.
  • Desires (Facebook/Groups): DC's newest Fetish Dance Party at the Safari Lounge (NW DC).
  • Crucible Bruise/Blush (The-Crucible): Femme Fatale open play theme night alternating every other month: Bruise/Blush.
  • Spank DC ( All male spanking party 4pm-8pm upstairs at The Green Lantern (DC).

4th Saturday:

  • Animal Haus (The-Crucible): Pet Play theme night hosted at The Crucible (NE DC) by LOBO Ent.

Final Saturday:

  • Shadowland (Facebook): Darkwave / Electro / Goth-Industrial dance night at the The Village Nightclub in Lancaster, Pa.

2nd Sunday:

  • BLUF Social ( All Male Leather Social held 4pm each month at Trade (NW DC).

Please Note: clubs & groups such as The Crucible, Black Rose, Baltimore Playhouse, & B.E.S.S all keep VERY busy schedules with evolving special interest groups. So please see respective sites for updates. 


Also, the region maintains an explosion of smaller munches (many averaging only 12 or less in attendance). More prominent meet-ups are listed, but there are too many smaller meet-ups that come & go for us to maintain. If this is of interest then please see Fetlife for possible options in your area. Thank you.

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