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As we now leave the trials of the pandemic behind us, it comes as no surprise that some major changes have taken place, both w/in the scene as well as the mainstream world which surrounds us. But such is the tide of our times, so we continue to push forward in its wake. Rather than returning to normal, we find a new norm & sort out what it all meant. Indeed, if the past few years haven’t given us pause for a deeper contemplation, then I find such individuals have missed a major opportunity for inner reflection & change. Regardless, now moving forward we simply pick up, regroup, & move on w/ life.

From The Metro Underground:


The Metro Underground & Metro Events Celebrate its Sweet-16!  They grow up so fast...   Initial efforts were launched back in Feb 2008. We soon added social media (starting with LiveJournal), & would later include such initiatives as The DC Fetish Ball, Black & White Ball, Metro Spring Formal, eXotica DC, Underground Parties, Scene Socials, & countless joint ventures. It’s been one hell of a ride with many ups & downs, but our core mission has never changed: To serve as a key gateway to the FULL spectrm of the underground, alternative, & adult scene for the Mid-Atlantic region; to help lift the fog for what’s going on in & around the area, & create a forum for bridges to be built, from one culture to another & from one group to the next. I’ve learned a great deal in this journey & thank you all for your many years of support.


Underground Parties: moving forward in 2024.  U-Party is rebuilding our data-base for future events & parties. Updating contact info, resturcturing our database, & verifying continued intrest in the post-pandemic is our key focus. We're also looking for private venues for future events. Care to co-host one of the hottest/best parties in the region? Please let us know if you or any leads might be interested. We thank you & look forward to future affairs!


Flikr, Tumblr, & Fetlife? As social media continues its slide toward more restrictive community standards, we’re looking into new platforms to post galleries for past events. These are the memories we carry forward & consider this an ever important element for our ongoing efforts. So keep an eye out as the last of our new galleries are posted, & previous pics are moved to a more appropriate formats.


Social Media: we’re on it!

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News & Notes from Around the Scene:


Archived postings for each of the following can now be found on Blogspot:


We're working on our Annual Buildout for the spring - check back soon…


Updates Coming Soon!


Our Annual Buildout is Under Way!


Viking Fest DC coming this spring. 

Passional Changes Hands. 

Celebrating Milestone Anniversaries:

  • Otakon celebrates 30 years!
  • Tabu celebrates 20 years!
  • German Fetish Ball celebrates 20 years!
  • Vancouver Fetish Weekend celebrates 10 years!

Bats Over Baltimore hosts their final night.

Texas Latex Party – laying it to rest after 30 years.



Southwest Decadence (SWDedcadence): Gathering for the erotic, spiritual, kinky, & sacred in Phoenix, AZ.

New Orleans Burlesque Festival (): Celebrating the beauty & art of burlesque.



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Discontinued in 2021/2022:


Main Events:

  • Maryland Faerie Festival - Hosted at Ramblewood Campground. Darlington, Md.

  • Flashpoint - Regional burn w/ classes & evening performance/spinjam, Stuart, VA.
  • FaerieCon - Hosted at the Sheraton Baltimore Inner Harbor.
  • Naughty Snowball - Burner ball hosted my Mischief DC.
  • Catharsis on the Mall - Temple burn on the national mall.
  • Fire & Flow Arts - Smaller regional burn offering instruction & parties / spin jam.
  • Louisiana Steampunk Festival - Hosted in Lafayette, La.
  • Freeflow Arts - Luxurious fire flow, festival on Koh Rong Island Cambodia.
  • Purplelife RVA - Immersive nightlife dance party held its final night in April.
  • Nova Con - N.Va comic & gaming convention in Tyson's Corner, Va.
  • Nomadico - Global Music & Arts Festival by Meso Creso.

  • Rocky Mountain Rebellion - Leather, Kink, & Fetish Con in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Pittsburg Bondage Ball - Hosted by Phoenix Lagoon at Cruze Bar (Pittsburg, Pa).
  • Thunder in the Mountains - Fetish con & hotel takeover in Denver, Colorado.

  • The Diabolique Ball - Philly's biggest & most recognized fetish ball.
  • Brimstone - 4 day kink extravaganza hosted in Piscataway, NJ.
  • Harford County Munch - Monthly gathering at Plaza Mexico in Fallston, Md
  • Frederick/Hagerstown Munch - Hosted monthly in Central Maryland.
  • Crossroads - Mystic Festival meets erotic possibility at Ramblewood Retreat.
  • Exotic Fantasies Weekend - Immersive hotel take over in Wilkes Barre, Pa.
  • Rockville Poly Munch - Gathering for couples & singles in the Poly Lifestyle.
  • Endless Poly Summer - Weekend camp, retreat, & educational summit, WV
  • Rubdown - All male fetish con in San Francisco, CA.

  • DNA Fetish Weekend - All male fetish weekend in Las Vegas, NV.

  • Kink Camp - Weekend retreat for gay, bi, & transgender men in Minneapolis.

  • Debauchery! - Gay, Bi, Transgender fetish gathering in North Carolina.

  • C.L.A.W. - The Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend takes place annually.

Clubs, Groups, & Resources:


Mischief DC - Currently on indefinite hiatus. In the post pandemic, core members & leadership basically moved on & the main organizers dropped out. There is a chance for future revival. But as it stands, this looks doubtful. They were previously the largest & most active burner group in the entire DC area. They hosted events, club nights, & had a strong presence at most if not all official burns throughout the nation. And their main event "Naughty Snowball" remains a regional favorite & the end of an era for DC Burners.


B.A.D.A.S.S. Raves - DC's most prolific promoter of Raves for the Mid-Atlantic Region. Comprised of a number of affiliated production companies & DJ's in the area, they hosted some of the area's largest & most well known events for the Rave Scene. The organization was disbanded amid multiple allogations for sexual assault against it's founder (Chad B).


80's Dance Party - Ongoing retro night with resident DJ's Angel & others. After celebrating their 25th Anniversary, Neil (The Angel) made the final decision to focus his efforts in a new direction & gave a final bow to DC's longest running dance night.


Fire & Flow List - A comprehensive listing of Fire & Flow events for the national calendar.


Baltimore TNG - Leadership essentially moved on in the post-pandemic. Before that, social meet & greet happy hours were held on a consistent schedule.

Baltimore Beyond - After an attempted revival, leadership soon moved on in the post-pandemic. As a spin-off from Balt TNG, Baltimore Beyond worked to bridge the gap from old school to new age for kinksters & alternatives alike.

Kraken's Lair - After a bit of controversy & a tremendous amount of in-fighting, the group finally disbanded in the post-pandemic. Based in Baltimore & DC, they were a group dedicated to intense play. Hosting socials & play parties, they are open to all but offer a warning that the Kraken's Lair operates in the deep end of the pool.


The Resource Pool - An educational resource offering lectures, demonstrations, discussions, & workshops for the BDSM Community in & around the DC area.


Sinn-Ergy - One of the area's most lavish organizers, offering theme parties in N.Va, group vacations in luxurious settings, club parties and meet & greets where we will go the extra mile to maximize a LS experience that is sensual, sexy & classy. Unfortunately, the lead couple ended in divorce & the organization was put to the side. It is a tragic loss for the DC Lifestyle community.


Crucible Lifestyle - Some time ago, Starz & Rites of Bacchus were merged into one unified group called "Crucible Lifestyle." This existed as a swinger's night held at The Crucible. Such events were produced by various lifestyle groups for the club. After the passing of Frazier, the club's owner, this aspect of the club was eventually phased out. 


Sugar The Shop - An unfortunate casualty of Covid. Baltimore's premier boutique for adult materials, workshops, & occasional events (including First Friday's Reception in line with the merchants of Hampden Hall).


Dr. Ziggy's Forum on Sexuality - A comprehensive resource that addresses an expansive array of topics concerning sexuality & the Adult Alternative Culture. Provided by a sex researcher.


Distrikt-C - Originating in DC as one of the region's biggest gay dance fetish parties, they later moved to include events in Philadelphia & NYC. In the post-pandemic they attempted an intial comeback but finally disbanded in the summer of 2022.


The DC Eagle - having served numerous aspects of the LGBT community with a general focus toward gay male leather, they also hosted select nights for various aspects of other alternative cultures. But struglling w/ rising rents, they were finally lost to Covid.


Open Minded Events - Private group sponsoring all male play parties in Dupont. Active participation is encouraged. Previously known as Having Parties, their final affair was held on Sept 5th, 2021.


Brightest Young Things - An exhaustive list of events & enticements throughout the area. During Covid they made the decision to focus their talent toward consulting, marketing, & professional branding. Using their talents to the best of their ability, they were forced to evolve within a post-covid landscape. We wish them well & are sorry to see them go.


Where Traveler - A general guide to the city geared primarily for the tourism trade. Excellent resource for shopping, shows, restaurant reviews, & general neighborhood orientation. Available in most hotel lobbies & online.


Recent Additions:

  • Clubs: The Philadelphia Experiment / PEX (previously defunct, they have since resurrected) & Kinetic.
  • Groups: Sunset & Chill, Fantasy House Parties, & Central Virginia Swingers.
  • Recurring Nights:  Slings & Arrows, Solid State, Masque, BPH Tangled Up, Crucible Bruise/Blush, MassColab, & Lima Twist Drag Brunch

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