Offering relevant articles for a better understanding of various aspects of the overall scene. They are essentially written so someone from the outside looking in can have a deeper grasp for what it is they're about to engage (or may be seeing for the very first time).


How to Best Use Our Site (HowToBestUseTheMetro.Blogspot): A key guide in how to best use The Metro Underground & get the most out of all that we have to offer.


A General Glossary of Terms ( A full listing of basic lingo from around the scene.

Key Elements to Planning Your Own Party ( Everything you need to make your next party a memorable event, both for mainstream affairs as well as fully adult functions.


Relevant Articles for a Better Understanding of Each Scene Engaged:


An Essential Introduction to Our Full Series (AnEssentialIntroduction.Blogspot): A primary intro to our full content...

An Insider's Guide to Understanding the BDSM Community (UnderstandingBDSM.Blogspot): Offering an inside look at the BDSM culture, focused more on what you see if viewed from the outside looking in vs. a more common 'how to' guide.

A Basic Understanding for Fantasy, Role Play, & Fetish Based Desires (UnderstandingFetishFantasy.Blogspot): Understanding the key elements of fetish based attachment as well as fantasy & role play desires.

Understanding Swingers, Polyamory, & the LifeStyle Culture (UnderstandingSwingers.Blogspot): Exploring the various aspects of the Swinger & Lifestyle Scene as well as key differences between the Swinger & Polyamory Communities.

A Better Understanding for the Nature of Sexual Identity (UnderstandingSexualIdentity.Blogspot): Dealing with issues of bisexuality, transsexual vs. transvestite, plus core insights into the various levels of sexual orientation.

Understanding Sexual Repression (UnderstandingSexualRepression.Blogspot): Dealing with the inner beast of sexual repression.

Select Articles From Other Sources:


How to Spot If You're Being Catfished By Dudes or Pic Collector (Reddit): A few simple insights of what to watch for.


A Guide for Single Guys in the Lifestyle (ASN Lifestyle Magazine):  No Dick Pics Please! Written & presented by Vicki & Richard of Tabu Social Club.


The Single Male Swinger (ASN Lifestyle Magazine):  A presentation for single guys in the lifestyle, by ASN Magazine.


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