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This is offered to bestow a running history of past groups, clubs, resources, & other such entries to give some context for why they are no longer listed.


It also provides a marker for any resource that individuals might be searching but are unaware that it is no longer active.


Please contact us if you find a listing has simply moved or is still viable. Thank you.


Archived postings for each of the following can now be found on Blogspot:

Honored Events Gone to the Memory of Good Times Past:

  • PEX Summer Festival - Magic meets music festival at Camp Ramblewood.
  • Maryland Faerie Festival - Hosted at Ramblewood Campground. Darlington, Md.

  • Flashpoint - Regional burn w/ classes & evening performance/spinjam, Stuart, VA.
  • FaerieCon - Hosted at the Sheraton Baltimore Inner Harbor.
  • Naughty Snowball - Burner ball hosted my Mischief DC.
  • Catharsis on the Mall - Temple burn on the national mall.
  • Fire & Flow Arts - Smaller regional burn offering instruction & parties / spin jam.
  • Queen City Potter Party - An entire town transforms itself to all things Harry Potter!

  • Northeast Fire & Arts Festival - Hosted in Oxford, Conn.
  • Potterverse - Maryland's Wizard Convention at the Bethesda North Marriott.
  • Dark & Stormy - DC Goth Night at Black Cat.
  • Bass Harvest Festival - Music Festival at Four Quarters Farm, Artemas, Pa.
  • Flow Camp - Fire & Flow Art retreat in Harrodsburg, Kentucky.
  • Steamposium - West coast gathering of all things Steampunk. Seattle, Wash.
  • Louisiana Steampunk Festival - Hosted in Lafayette, La.
  • Freeflow Arts - Luxurious fire flow, festival on Koh Rong Island Cambodia.
  • Purplelife RVA - Immersive nightlife dance party held its final night in April.
  • Nova Con - N.Va comic & gaming convention in Tyson's Corner, Va.
  • Nomadico - Global Music & Arts Festival by Meso Creso.

  • Rocky Mountain Rebellion - Leather, Kink, & Fetish Con in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Pittsburg Bondage Ball - Hosted by Phoenix Lagoon at Cruze Bar (Pittsburg, Pa).
  • Thunder in the Mountains - Fetish con & hotel takeover in Denver, Colorado.

  • The Diabolique Ball - Philly's biggest & most recognized fetish ball.
  • Brimstone - 4 day kink extravaganza hosted in Piscataway, NJ.
  • Harford County Munch - Monthly gathering at Plaza Mexico in Fallston, Md
  • Frederick/Hagerstown Munch - Hosted monthly in Central Maryland.
  • Rope Bite Baltimore - Dedicated to the art of Shibari & Rope Bondage. Now inactive
  • Fetish Evolution Weekend - German Fetish Expo: lost thier venue & shut down.
  • Bound in Boston - Fetish-con actually hosted in Warwick, RI.
  • South Carolina Leather Pride - East Coast leather competition in Columbia, SC.
  • Southwest Leather Conference -  Cancelled for 2020 & indefinitely on hiatus.
  • The Geeky Kink Event - For a kinky, steampunkish, geeky good time!
  • Dominatrix - Amsterdam fetish festival dedicated to European Domme's.
  • Crossroads - Mystic Festival meets erotic possibility at Ramblewood Retreat.
  • Exotic Fantasies Weekend - Immersive hotel take over in Wilkes Barre, Pa.
  • Rockville Poly Munch - Gathering for couples & singles in the Poly Lifestyle.
  • Endless Poly Summer - Weekend camp, retreat, & educational summit, WV
  • Rubdown - All male fetish con in San Francisco, CA.

  • DNA Fetish Weekend - All male fetish weekend in Las Vegas, NV.

  • Kink Camp - Weekend retreat for gay, bi, & transgender men in Minneapolis.

  • Debauchery! - Gay, Bi, Transgender fetish gathering in North Carolina.

Currently Inactive & Permanently Removed:

Mischief DC - Currently on indefinite hiatus. In the post pandemic, core members & leadership basically moved on & the main organizers dropped out. There is a chance for future revival. But as it stands, this looks doubtful. They were previously the largest & most active burner group in the entire DC area. They hosted events, club nights, & had a strong presence at most if not all official burns throughout the nation. And their main event "Naughty Snowball" remains a regional favorite & the end of an era for DC Burners.


B.A.D.A.S.S. Raves - DC's most prolific promoter of Raves for the Mid-Atlantic Region. Comprised of a number of affiliated production companies & DJ's in the area, they hosted some of the area's largest & most well known events for the Rave Scene. The organization was disbanded amid multiple allogations for sexual assault against it's founder (Chad B).


80's Dance Party - On occasion they promote live acts from the area & ongoing retro nights with resident DJ's Angel & others. After celebrating their 25th Anniversary, Neil (The Angel) made the final decision to focus his efforts in a new direction & gave a final bow to DC's longest running dance night.


Elektroschock - One of Baltimore's very best alternative dance nights. After losing their host venue they decided to shut down previous operations but have since rebranded into a new night at a new location called Metroschock.


Club Orpheus - With an eclectic blend of Alternative, Darkwave, Progressive, Electro, Punk, & 80's Retro, Orpheus hosts many of Baltimore's underground & alternative club nights. Their last entry for any media anywhere was Jan of 2020 & Yelp has them listed as Permanently Closed. We have to assume they did not survive Covid & this is the case.


Bound - Long standing industrial dance night in DC. They maintain 2-3 small affairs each year: The Summer Masquerade (SMB), Hell Ball, & Alice in Wonderland. After 23 years, in August of 2019 Bound held its final event & past into the night.


Kindlers of the Sacred Rhythm - Pagan-based organization offering a social & spiritual forum to explore a deeper connection to Spirit (& each other). As practitioners of the Ordeal Path, many are part of the BDSM & Pagan community. While they do not seem to be as active as years past, most of their current focus lies with SuspendDC. Efforts have also moved more toward a commercial orientation.


KUNST UND WAHNSINN - WaxTrax! Industrial at The Windup Space in Baltimore. They seem to have hosted their last event in October of 2018 & have been inactive ever since.


Alchemy - After a brief return to the scene, one of DC's longest running Goth-Industrial Dance nights has canceled all ongoing operations There's an outside chance they'll bring back Goth Prom & Spooky, but we doubt it. 


Essence Productions - Based out of Baltimore, Essence produces some of the most high end Raves in the area. Events & productions tend to be specific to the DC / Baltimore region & carry a direct focus in Dubstep, EDM, & Drum-&-Base.


Open Hearth Foundation - An open & active organization focused toward the pagan community.

Nocturne Wednesday - Previously hosted at Shampoo Nightclub, all further events as a weekly goth night have been permanently suspended. It's promoters will instead focus on the furthered success of the long running Drac's Ball.

Unscene Philly - As the name suggests, UNscene was not about any particular scene, label, or trend. Rather, it's designed to be a welcoming & friendly atmosphere for creative, quirky, artistic & eclectic people from all backgrounds & identities. A noble experiment that seems to proven focus is better, or that Goth-Industrial is dead no matter what spin you put on it.

Sex Dwarf - Described as "Philly’s Premiere New Wave Dance Party." In operation for over 9 years, they feature 80's nostalgia, goth, & non-stop new-wave dance tracks. Fluid Nightclub closed & the promoters decided to move forward.

John's Dark Corner - Due to the sudden & unexpected passing of its founder & core promoter (lost in an auto accident), Philadelphia's longest running Gothic & Alternative Dance Party has past into the night. Thank you John for many dedicated years.

Wasteland - Held the Last Friday of each month. Hosted by DJ Medusa, the club night features goth, ambient, experimental, & a dash of glam rock. After 5 good years the host DJ's & Promoters felt enough was enough.

Sacred Mark Sanctuary - Blending tribal ritual with sensual desire, the cornerstone of Sacred Mark is to more deeply explore the connection between mind, body, & spirit. Embracing both the sacred & profane, they seek an enriched journey. As we understand it, Sacred Mark was essentially folded into Primal Arts. See listing under Groups.


Fire & Flow List - A comprehensive listing of Fire & Flow events for the national calendar.


Nu Fusion - Underground Band Showcase hosted by Flock Baltimore. DJ & Live music featured at Club Sonar in Baltimore.


Gorgeous Freaks - Launched in 2011, Gorgeous Freaks covered the full breadth of alternative culture from Goth, Body Art, Fetish, TV/TS, & a wide range of diverse interests. Available in print & electronic formats. Although they hoped to resurrect efforts on the magazine, efforts shifted to their clothing line so this initiative was placed on hiatus never to return.


Steampunk Empire - A fully evolved resource covering all aspects of the Steampunk Culture on a national level. Membership is also available to create a social networking opportunity in addition to a fundamental a scene guide. With the demise of Steampunk World's Fair, the forum soon went inactive & all forums dormant.


Flock Baltimore - Excellent resource & event promoter for alternative music & the underground scene in Baltimore & its surrounding area. Efforts for Flock have been suspended.


Peek-a-Boo Review - Philly shows its sparkles offering ongoing shows & tours with a neo-burlesque review of top talent featuring high energy shows. Unfortunately, all links are down & they seem to have fallen to Covid.


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Baltimore TNG - Leadership essentially moved on in the post-pandemic. Before that, social meet & greet happy hours were held on a consistent schedule.

Baltimore Beyond - After an attempted revival, leadership soon moved on in the post-pandemic. As a spin-off from Balt TNG, Baltimore Beyond worked to bridge the gap from old school to new age for kinksters & alternatives alike.

Kraken's Lair - After a bit of controversy & a tremendous amount of in-fighting, the group finally disbanded in the post-pandemic. Based in Baltimore & DC, they were a group dedicated to intense play. Hosting socials & play parties, they are open to all but offer a warning that the Kraken's Lair operates in the deep end of the pool.


Aberrant DC - One of DC's newer groups, Aberrant offers social gatherings on the 1st & 3rd Monday of each month. They also host ocassional play parties, usually held at the Crucible. In the wake of massive scandle, they have shut down the previous rendition & rebranded to a new group moving in a new directions with reestablished leadership.


Citadel of Kink - Hosted in Woodbridge, Va. C.o.K. hosts smaller play parties & educational forums. Further efforts have begun to piggy back on dedicated hotel takeovers to bring a kink element to the swinger community. Closed due to covid, plus issues of a conservative politics against the community.


DC Dungeon - Fully developed play parties hosted at a beautiful location in Rockville. The crowd is diverse, welcoming, & the parties generally offer a very high degree of energy & play. This operation has been rebranded & moved to Baltimore.


DC Rope - Founded by Green Eye'd Devil & later run by Mystic Scholar, DC Rope provides an educational focus for those with an interest in shibari, bondage, & all things rope. They are often found hosting demo stations for The Crucible & Baltimore play parties.

DXS Rapture - Brought to you by Dream~X~Streams, a long standing S&M organization hosting on-site play parties at a well equipped but discreet location. Full bar, dancing, & Dom's/Domme's on site are included. A scene leader for years, DXS finally wore out & decided to call it a day.


Indulgent Events - Hosting monthly events at the DC Speakeasy, they are self-described as an event production company that "breaks the rules on a traditional play party." Check fetlife group for further info & updated schedule.


DC Spanking Society - S&M organization devoted specifically to the art & fetish of spanking. So feel free to bring out the paddles, but leave the whips & chains at home!

Fetfest Playspace - Currently inactive as far as we can tell.


Latex Capital - Fetish-based group promoting European-style latex in DC. For those in  DC who love latex, and want to connect with other in the area. After its main promoter moved out of the area, the core of the group fell apart & soon became inactive. 


FREAK / FREderick Area Kinksters - Covering Frederick County, Western Maryland, West Virginia, & N.Va. Primarily a Fetlife group offering Kink-friendly activities, gatherings, meetings, & munches. Over time the main promoters simply moved in a new direction & the group's core gathering for happy hour soon slipped away.


Black Beat - National organization with a local chapter that host special events, socials, & educational opportunities for the African American Culture interested in BDSM. The founders & board of organizers decided it was time to take a hiatus so as to refocus on life's core priorities. But after 4 years, it can be finally confirmed that said hiatus was indeed the end to Black Beat.

Club Femme - A group dedicated to the Dominant Female & submissive male. Select gatherings are hosted on the final Saturday of each month at an on-site dungeon in Glen Burnie, MD. Membership application is required.

Dark Sanctuary - A members only on premise BDSM group with a focus on education & a safe, sane, & consensual environment for open play. Most events draw between 15-30 couples.


Bondage Club Baltimore - A forum dedicated specifically to the art & desire of Rope Bondage. Meetings & educational forums are held every 2 weeks w/ a heavy emphasis on Shibari & Kinbaku. Hosted by Lochai, BCB finally slipped away & became all but completely dormant.

Big Bad Nasty - Traveling between Baltimore & DC, they threw private parties w/ a highly explict nature. Amid continued scandal, the main promoter finally backed away from hosting full scale parties & moved into a more personal/private avenue of engagement.

B.A.D.A.S.S. - Baltmore And DC Area Suspension Squad. Shibari rope group spanning form Baltimore to DC. This group was pulled due to lack of activity.

SPANK - A short cannon shot east of Gettysburg there sits a great little town that seemed sleepy enough but apparently had a good number of kinksters in it. So the lovely Madam Cassie & her buff beau had the great idea of forming a more local venue for fellow people in the scene to meet, mix, & mingle without the need to always travel so far. Thus was born the Hanover TNG, now SPANK! Initial efforts for smaller play parties & happy hours soon gave way to a major effort involving education & outreach through Touch of Flavor. With the new focus, old efforts were set to the side & allowed to drift away.


Philly Area Bondage Enthusiasts - A Bondage Group focusing on Japanese & Western rope art. They offer on-line discussions, private hands-on workshops, demo's, & meet for fairly frequent gatherings.

T.I.E.D. / Tidewater Individuals Exploring Domination - Non-profit pansexual organization for those interested in BDSM, D&S, & the Fetish Culture. Seminars & open forum chat groups are featured every Thursday.

W.H.I.P / West Virginia Humans Into Perversion - “WHIP” is a pansexual education & social group serving the BDSM Culture throughout WV, MD, VA, & S. PA. WHIP offers Member’s Socials, Munches, Educational discussions & demo’s.

DCBDSM ( - Offering a concise layout for events specific to the DC BDSM Scene. This effort use a Google calendar application & provides a more familiar format than the expansive scroll provided by The Metro Underground.

Northern Delaware D/s - Since 2004, Steve & Tami have been hosting events throughout the year, including their grand event, the NDDS Boot Camp. New members must first attend a munch to be included within the group. Current members must attend a munch, event, or group party at least once every 3 months to remain on the list-serve. There is no fee for membership.


R.O.D.S. / Roanoke Order of Dominants & Submissives - A pansexual BDSM group for Southwest Virginia & the surrounding area. They are "dedicated to providing education, support, & a social network in a safe, responsible & discreet environment."


Phyxios Mystique - Richmond based pansexual organization for people interested in the Alternative, Fetish, & BDSM Lifestyle. Although still online, thier website finally went inactive & shows no recent activity.


The West Wing - Secluded playspace & retreat located in Kent County, Md, Main space is actually the "West Wing" of a 7,000 sq.ft. mansion on a $3.4 million waterfront estate. With a wide range of amenities, visitors have access to the entire estate & surrounding grounds. Available for private play or would be equally perfect for smaller group retreats. Due to health issues, its owner combined his group w/ DelViking in Seaprt Delaware & stepped away from host activities.


BP Events / EPIC - Based out of Dover, they host events, educational forums, & social gatherings for kink aware sex-positive individuals & provide discussion forums for the Delaware scene. Their membership never really hit a level of sustainable growth & interest soon waned. In time all efforts simply drifted away.

EROS - The main purpose of EROS is to promote fellow leaders in Delaware kink community to unite & help bring a higher sense of influence to the region. As a group, they also host monthly munches in New Castle & Kent County.  With a decline in membership, follow through soon lost momentum & the group finally fell dormant.


Skin Two - International magazine for fetish fashion, clubs, parties, news, & more. Still in existence as a company, but they've completely refocused efforts into a latex & fetish clothing line.


Fixe Magazine - Based out of New York, Fixe is an online publication that presents Fetish, Pinup, Goth and other alternative features in a mainstream & accessible way. Self-described as, “Like Maxim, but kinky.” Efforts eventually shifted from the magazine & online forum to focus more on events & fashion.


BDSM Events Calendar - Providing Fetish & BDSM Event listings from across the nation. Site is down.


The Fetish Information Exchange - Once a great instructional resource & information exchange featuring a depth of cultural material. Its focus was to provide a useful guide to explore sexuality as well as a variety of personal needs, wants, & desires. It has since devolved into a basic site for the promotion of porno.


The Resource Pool - An educational resource offering lectures, demonstrations, discussions, & workshops for the BDSM Community in & around the DC area.


Jane's Guide - also relevant to Swingers - Offering hands-on reviews for damn near everything & anything related to the Adult alternative culture, from clubs & groups (categorized by location), to movies, books, products, websites, & just about anything that you could possibly think of. It's a mainstay for the culture & one of the best resources available anywhere. It's a sad day as one one the scene's best online resources has gone inactive.


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Crucible Lifestyle - Some time ago, Starz & Rites of Bacchus were merged into one unified group called "Crucible Lifestyle." This existed as a swinger's night held at The Crucible. Such events were produced by various lifestyle groups for the club. After the passing of Frazier, the club's owner, this aspect of the club was eventually phased out. 


Sugar The Shop - An unfortunate casualty of Covid. Baltimore's premier boutique for adult materials, workshops, & occasional events (including First Friday's Reception in line with the merchants of Hampden Hall).


Chesapeake Bay Swinging Boaters - An on-line forum for area boaters to gather in & around the Chesapeake. A 'host' makes a post & members respond to join the meet. The location, date, & time are set & boaters are guided to the gathering spot by a hailing channel. But the key organizers seem to have moved to St. Pete Fla. & have redirected activities there.


South WV Socials - The group became completely inactive in the Post-Pandemic. Offering a permanent clubhouse along the Greenbriar River, they provide consistent gatherings every Friday & Saturday. Events are B.Y.O.B & open to couples, ladies, & select males.


Club Fantasies - On premise play parties at a private location in the DC area. Each gathering ranges from about 20-40 couples. Club Fantasies rebranded to Catacombs & now serves as a host venue. This shifted the more dedicated swinger orientation to kink & fetish for an entirely new direction. 


Duke of DC - Hosting mansion parties around the area, "The Duke" carries a high end product that trends to the area's newcomers seeking an erotic edge. While technically his group remains active, in all reality it is currently dormant until further notice.

DC Couples - But alas, one of DC's longest running & exclusively on premise clubs lives no more...

Starz: Formally Capital Couples - DC's longest running organization for the swinger community has finally come to an end. The Crucible has merged it with Rites of Bacchus & folded both into the new Crucible Lifestyle. Please see listing above...

Rites of Bacchus / R.O.B.E. - see "Crucible Lifestyle" for full details.


SWANTIC Parties - In operation since 2003, Swantic offers sophisticated all inclusive sex positive events that catering to bisexual men & women. Most events are fully inclusive as to sexual orientations - bi, gay, straight, trans, ts/tv, etc.  All links have gone dormant & search efforts turned up nothing. Swantic has gone the way of the DoDo.


DC Polyamory TNG - A membership network dedicated to providing a forum for "polyamorous, curious, & friendly people 35 & younger of age and under to meet, socialize, & talk about matters of common concern." Formerly known as CPN TNG, (affiliated with the Chesapeake Polyamory Network), CPN stopped sponsoring groups in late 2010 so they went out on their own. However, this organization seems to have faded away & to our knowledge is now inactive.


Southwest VA Socials - Monthly socials held in a relaxed, intimate setting. DJs are professional; all alcohol is BYOB w/ mixers provided & full service bartenders readily available. The main venue is meet & greet, but on premise play is held after the party in the group's hospitality suite. Currently, all links are down & they seem to have been lost to Covid.


Chesapeake Polyamory Network - CPN used to be a centralized organization, but when its formal membership began to dwindle it changed its format to more of a community. It remains active in the area, but events now come from the community itself & not a centralized structure. Events & discussion are posted through yahoo groups.


Heavenly Events - Self-described as a discreet adult swingers group providing a safe, comfortable &sexually open environment for couples who enjoy the adult life-style. They welcome couples & single ladies (single men must be accompanied by a woman). All parties cater to those that enjoy threesomes & single ladies that are bi-sexual or bi-curious. Group is based out of Baltimore. All links & means of contact were down & subsequent searches turned up nothing. The group was pulled as a result.

Swizzle Sticks - A diverse group providing weekly Off Premise Meet & Greets each Friday in Middle River, MD (Baltimore). If this group remains active, their website & means of contact are completely unmanageable. As a result they were pulled from the site. 


Carnal Desire - On a local level they produce parties & gatherings for the regional market of lifestyle swingers. But they also offer a mobile app designed to unify the lifestyle with a global outreach.

Sweet Ecstasy Couples & Singles - Based in Temple Hills, MD. SECS is an on-premise group for African American couples & single women to meet for active & open play. Events begin with a social happy hour & lead into erotic entertainment to get the energy flowing. The atmosphere is one of safe fun & togetherness. Drugs are not tolerated. 

Obsescions - An on-premise group for African American couples & single women. Events run from club style gatherings, to private parties at select locations. They also feature erotically themed events on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.

Capital Cream - Formally hosted monthly on premise Play Parties in & around DC. This was a couples only organization. After recent issues w/ zoning, they have shut down operations & moved forward w/ more select private parties.

Harford County Swing Club (HCSC) - MoCo, Baltimore, & Anne Arundel (site is down): on premise house parties for couples & select women twice a month. Hosted by Ron & Cookie as the Silver Spring chapter of HCSC.

Seaside Encounters - Yet another great venue has closed it's doors forgood. The Lifestyle's favored weekend getaway to Bethany Beach has sold its house & left the area so it is no more. Quite sad... :-(

Northern VA Couples - Monthly off premise socials are held for couples & single women in the Fredericksburg area. Current association is about 400 members. All contact information was recently returned as undeliverable. 


Mid-Atlantic Couples - An on-premise club holding monthly events in various Richmond hotels. Main activities take place in a public forum but open play takes place in select suites within the venue. Gatherings offer an opportunity to have fun while meeting like minded couples & single women in a safe atmosphere with absolutely no pressure. Monthly seminars are also held for those new to the culture. Site was initially moved to Kassidie but all links & information have dissapeared so it seems the group has gone inactive.

Club Kama Sutra - But alas, one of Philly's most well known & exclusively on premise clubs lives no more... :-( "After five great years of parties with everyone’s knowledge and approval we were suddenly ordered to close." 

The Delaware Valley Synergy Group - One of Philadelphia's best kept secrets for over 30 years. The DVS supports open relationships allowing individuals & couples to openly explore alternatives to the traditional monogamous relationship. They conduct discussions & workshops as well as sponsoring socials, events, parties, brunches, restaurant & theater outings, hot tub parties, etc.

Washington Metro BBW Swingers - A regional group that hosts regular on premise parties as well as off premise meet & greets specifically for 'Big Beautiful Women' & the people who love them. Events tend to alternate between MD & N. VA. (adjacent events are also held in Baltimore & Delaware) - Single Men, Women, & Couples are all welcome. 


The Lion's Den (LionsDenLifestyle) - Based out of Ft. Washington, MD. the Lion's Den offers ongoing parties for select couples as well as online forums to meet & greet. Membership is required. Currently, the site is down so we're checking to confirm if they've disbanded.


Pendulum - Kink aware swingers group located in Central Virginia. Available for couples, singles & other groups interested &/or active in the swinging lifestyle.


The Society for Human Sexuality - An excellent resource that provides numerous links to topics on human sexuality. Including: books, forums, & organizations; scene relevant events, erotica, & matchmaking; various articles concerning numerous aspects to sexuality & perspectives on a wide range of topics such as Tantra, polyamory, bdsm, anal, oral, sexual positions. This site hadn't been updated since 2007 and was no longer receiving significant numbers of visitors so it was finally retired.


Dr. Ziggy's Forum on Sexuality - A comprehensive resource that addresses an expansive array of topics concerning sexuality & the Adult Alternative Culture. Provided by a sex researcher.


Tidewater Blue Magazine - Currently an archive housing what was one of the Mid-Atlantic's main online magazines for Southeastern Virginia & Richmond. It offers personals, articles, & erotic fiction. Serves a variety of Lifestyle interests.


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Distrikt-C - Originating in DC as one of the region's biggest gay dance fetish parties, they later moved to include events in Philadelphia & NYC. In the post-pandemic they attempted an intial comeback but finally disbanded in the summer of 2022.


Ziegfelds / Secrets - DC's biggest & best emporium for drag shows & nude male dancers. After many years as one of the regions longest running venues of its kind, its owner was already contemplating retirement when any further plans were lost to covid.


The DC Eagle - having served numerous aspects of the LGBT community with a general focus toward gay male leather, they also hosted select nights for various aspects of other alternative cultures. But struglling w/ rising rents, they were finally lost to Covid.


TOWN - Brought to you by the former owners of Nation, TOWN Danceboutique offered one of DC's better venues for the all male club crowd (2009 8th St. NW DC). Nightly drag shows were at 10pm.  Town closed in July 2018.


Hummer - Club night focused toward those into Latex, Leather, Uniform, Gear, & Kink/Fetish with an orientation to the younger TNG Crowd. With a strict dress code & a live erotic showcase, it's gone through a few renditions of who, where, & what it was over the years. But in a post-covid world, they finally announced that hummer has closed its doors. After losing their last location, they finally decided it was the best path forward.


T-Girl Nation - Hosting parties for the TV/TG community, their friends, admirers, "& anyone who can put up with us." Events are open to all. No membership or cover required. Locations change but are often hosted at Bar Rouge (NW DC).


Open Minded Events - Private group sponsoring all male play parties in Dupont. Active participation is encouraged. Previously known as Having Parties, their final affair was held on Sept 5th, 2021.


Philadelphia Women's Leather -  Featuring bar nights for Philadelphia women into leather & fetish. This is a pansexual organization & is open gay, bi, straight or any persuasion with an interest in leather. And actually, you don't even need to be into that!


The Garden / DC Hothouse - A queer owned, sex-positive endeavor offering education & events for the DC area. At its core, their mission strives to provide a place for everyone to explore their sexuality in a safe inclusive environment.


Hot Men DC - Local Meet-Up Group for fit men who want to explore their sexuality in the company of like minded men. As of 2017 they carry over 420 members. In 2018 the group went inactive. It's last hosted group was listed in August 2018. 

Lambda Soleil - Gay male nudist group in the DC & Mid-Atlantic region. Members include all races, ethnic groups, ages, sizes, etc. Membership is required but annual dues are only $10. See website for full information. Site is down & no activity is noted.

Naked Boys of N.Va - A relatively new group to the DC & Northern Virginia scene, they provide private parties, select meet & greet opportunities, never really seemed to gain traction or get off the ground.


F.I.S.T. / Females Investigating Sexual Terrain - A woman's leather & BDSM organization based in Baltimore. They host monthly play parties every 3rd Saturday in their Playhouse Studio, as well as workshops on every first Sunday. They can also be seen participating in many community events throughout the year. They do have an application process & pledge period to gain full membership. After 25 years in the scene, FIST celebrated their silver anniversary & soon thereafter went dormant. 

Fuel Warehouse Parties - Fully nude all male play parties hosted in a discreet warehouse in the stadium district of Baltimore. Parties on Friday & Saturday have select door standards for young & hot - Wednesday & Sunday are open to all.. 

KINK - A group offering 2 distinct & different parties. One is specifically for women & the transgender community, while the other is for men. Both are held at a dedicated play space in DC. website is down & last Twitter post was well over a year ago.

Sticky Playground - All Male masturbation & play party. Parties are held at a private residence in Silver Spring, Md. Small donation ($5) covers cost of refreshments. RSVP is required. - Website is down & they never seemed to get going .

Sons du Soleil - Gay male nudist group in the DC & Mid-Atlantic region. They provide a yahoo post board & host between 2-4 major functions each year. No membership fee. Small donation for parties to help cover the cost of food, etc. Website has been diverted but we believe they might still be active. However, they show no online signature anywhere. 

Deck 10 - Offering pool-side nude socials throughout the summer season. Check website for updates & parties.

DC Jacks - All Male network group for J/O parties in & around the DC area. Yahoo Group is Down.

Men of Discipline DC - An alternative leather fraternity of Gay men focused in the BDSM Community.


S.H.E. Productions - Event production group in Baltimore specializing in LGBTQ parties for over 6 years. They also produce functions, benefits, & dance nights for various aspects of the alternative cultures throughout the area. "Lights Out" in Feb. 2018 offered a final farewell to a Baltimore Institution for the LGBTQ Community.


Marcus - Sex-Positive educator & presenter for the gay, bi, & pansexual communities. Called "a truly engaging educator" - Marcus teaches classes, runs workshops, and even holds interactive sessions with demo tops or bottoms. Having moved to India, he no longer carries efforts in the DC region.


Eroticacy Inc - Hosted by the ever crazy Stormy Vain. Providing Drag Queens, Nude Houseboys, & Dancers. Shows or services are available for any occasion. Site is down & no information is available.


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Little Black Dress Club - A social group designed for women (sorry guys, it's an all woman's group) to get together, socialize, have fun, & have the occatsonal 'girls night out'.  Link is down & group is inactive across all forums.


Washington Wine Academy - Hosts public & private wine tastings & educational forums (the wine brats have since merged w/ the wine academy). Events include a wine & Jazz series. This is a great venue for a casual date or an evening w/ friends. One of DC's more active & intriging organizations went inactive back in 2016.

Taste DC - Organizing culinary events throughout DC, prices range from $55-$125. The website is down & online activity has ceased.

Corcoran Society - The Corcoran provided gala events, on-site cocktail parties, exhibit preview/receptions, & cultural gatherings. As the gallery has been sold, the Corcoran Society has been disbanded.


Face 2 Face Singles - Events & mixers that cater to the over 40 crowd (typical attendees however are usually in their mid to late 50's). Annual calendar includes about 7 gatherings for the year. Current focus moved toward speed dating. Current website just redirects to Pro's in the City 'Over 30' dating page.

American Independent Writers - Association for professional freelance writers, formally Washington Independent Writers. Due to dwindling membership & lack of leadership it was shut down.

Learning Escapes - Events & trips for singles in the DC area. The endeavor changed hands & new leadership let it slide.


Events & Adventures - "An activities group for active singles." This is a members only organization so you'll have to join the regional group. But they do host a wide variety of interesting outings & activities.


Executive Women’s Roundtable - A forum for executive women to develop & foster relationships, as well as to explore opportunities for continuous learning. Forum lost due to Covid.



Brightest Young Things - An exhaustive list of events & enticements throughout the area. During Covid they made the decision to focus their talent toward consulting, marketing, & professional branding. Using their talents to the best of their ability, they were forced to evolve within a post-covid landscape. We wish them well & are sorry to see them go.


On Tap Magazine - Washington's ultimate guide to the club, pub, & restaurant scene. Available online as well as in local venues throughout the area. This is a monthly publication.


Baltimore City Paper - Alternative City Guide to news, events, clubs, restaurants, & what's happening in & around town. Readily available throughout the city. With the ever pressing strain of print media, BCP finally made the decision to shutter its doors.


Philly2Nite - Philadelphia's nightlife resource, featuring club & restaurant reviews, guest list availability, area events, as well as mainstream alternative venues.


Where Traveler - A general guide to the city geared primarily for the tourism trade. Excellent resource for shopping, shows, restaurant reviews, & general neighborhood orientation. Available in most hotel lobbies & online.


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