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Please note: some crossover will often exist, so the function in question will be listed by the nature that most predominantly reflects the general practice of its venue.

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Full Calendar for DC, Baltimore, the Mid-Atlantic & National Stage: 2024

All calendars are current as of Summer 2024.

Our Summer


is Currently

In Progress!



Sat 1st:

Sun 2nd:


Mon 3rd:

Tue 4th – Tiananmen Square / National Day for Cheese.

Wed 5thNational Hooky Day (I just made this up): 1985 Ferris Bueller takes the day off.

Thu 6th – D-Day Remembrance.


Weekend of the 7th-9th – DC Pride Festival.


Fri 7th:

Sat 8th – Lindisfarne Raid (793): Birth of Viking Age.

Sun 9th – National Sex Day.


Mon 10th – Dragon Boat Festival.

Tue 11th:

Wed 12th – Loving Day (interracial marriage legal in U.S).

Thu 13th:


Fri 14th – National Bourbon Day / Flag Day.

Sat 15th:

Sun 16th – Father’s Day / National Richard Day.


Mon 17th:

Tue 18th:

Wed 19th – Juneteenth (end of slavery).

Thu 20th – Summer Solstice / Mid-Sommer / Litha.


Fri 21st:

Sat 22nd – Full Strawberry Moon.

Sun 23rd:


Mon 24th:

Tue 25th:

Wed 26th:

Thu 27th:


Fri 28th – Anniv of the Stonewall Riots.

Sat 29th:

Sun 30th:


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Mon 1st:

Tue 2nd:

Wed 3rd:

Thu 4th – Independence Day.


Fri 5th:

Sat 6th:

Sun 7th – Global Day of Forgiveness.


Mon 8th:

Tue 9th:

Wed 10th:

Thu 11th:


Fri 12th:

Sat 13th:

Sun 14th – Bastille Day / National Nude Day.


Mon 15th:

Tue 16th:

Wed 17th:

Thu 18th:


Fri 19th – National Daiquiri Day.

Sat 20th:

Sun 21st – Full Buck Moon / National Ice Cream Day.


Mon 22nd:

Tue 23rd:

Wed 24th:

Thu 25th:


Fri 26th:

Sat 27th:

Sun 28th:


Mon 29th – Global Tiger Day.

Tue 30th:

Wed 31st:


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Jul 27th- Aug 10th Pennsic.


Thu 1st – Lughnasadh (Pagan).


Fri 2nd:

Sat 3rd – National Mead Day / D.F. Naked Spaghetti (Pennsic).

Sun 4th:


Mon 5th – D.F. Mardi Gras (Pennsic).

Tue 6th:

Wed 7th:

Thu 8th:


Fri 9th:

Sat 10th:

Sun 11th:


Mon 12th:

Tue 13th:

Wed 14th – V.J. Day (End of WWII).

Thu 15th – Feast of the Assumption (Mary’s Death).


Fri 16th:

Sat 17th:

Sun 18th:

Mon 19th - Full Sturgeon Moon.

Tue 20th:

Wed 21st:

Thu 22nd:


Fri 23rd:

Sat 24th:

Sun 25th:


Mon 26th:

Tue 27th:

Wed 28th:

Thu 29th:


Weekend of 30th-2nd (Labor Day Weekend):


Fri 30th:

Sat 31st:


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Sun 1st:

Mon 2nd – Labor Day.


Tue 3rd:

Wed 4th:

Thu 5th:


Fri 6th:

Sat 7th:

Sun 8th:


Mon 9th:

Tue 10th:

Wed 11th In remembrance of 9/11.

Thu 12th:


Fri 13th:

Sat 14th:

Sun 15th:


Mon 16th – Mayflower set sail (1620).

Tue 17th – Chinese Moon Festival / Constitution Day.

Wed 18th – Full Harvest Moon.

Thu 19th – Talk Like a Pirate Day.


Fri 20th:

Sat 21st:

Sun 22nd – Autumnal Equinox / Mabon (Pagan).


Mon 23rd:

Tue 24th:

Wed 25th:

Thu 26th – Remembrance of A.R.D.



Fri 27th:

Sat 28th:

Sun 29th – Confucius Day / National Coffee Day.

Mon 30th:


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Tue 1st – International Coffee Day.

Wed 2nd – Rosh Hashanah.

Thu 3rd:


Fri 4th:

Sat 5th:

Sun 6th – Oktoberfest (1st Sun in Oct).


Mon 7th:

Tue 8th:

Wed 9th:

Thu 10th:


Fri 11th:

Sat 12th – Yom Kippur.

Sun 13th – The DC Fetish Ball Celebrates Our Sweet Sixteen ():


Mon 14th – Columbus Day / Indigenous Peoples Weekend.

Tue 15th:

Wed 16th – National Boss’ Day.

Thu 17th – Full Hunters Moon.


Fri 18th:

Sat 19th:

Sun 20th:


Mon 21st – Remembrance of J.D.D.

Tue 22nd:

Wed 23rd:

Thu 24th:


Fri 25th:

Sat 26th:

Sun 27th:


Mon 28th:

Tue 29th: DC High Heel Race.

Wed 30th – Mischief Night / Devil’s Night.

Thu 31st – Halloween / Samhain (New Orleans).


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Fri 1st – All Saints Day / Day of the Dead.

Sat 2nd – All Souls Day.

Sun 3rd – Daylight Savings Ends.


Mon 4th:

Tue 5th – Election Day / Guy Fawkes Day.

Wed 6th:

Thu 7th:


Fri 8th:

Sat 9th:

Sun 10th – U.S. Marine Corps Anniv.


Mon 11th – Veteran’s Day / Armistice Day.

Tue 12th:

Wed 13th:

Thu 14th – World Diabetes Awareness Day.


Fri 15th – Full Beaver Moon

Sat 16th:

Sun 17th:


Mon 18th:

Tue 19th:

Wed 20th:

Thu 21st:


Fri 22nd:

Sat 23rd:

Sun 24th:


Mon 25th – 1979 Anniversary (45)

Tue 26th:

Wed 27th:

Thu 28th – Thanksgiving.


Fri 29th – Black Friday / Native American Heritage Day.

Sat 30th – Small Business Saturday.


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Sun 1st – Advent (1st Sun) / Second Hand Sunday.

Mon 2nd – Cyber Monday.

Tue 3rd:

Wed 4th:


Thu 5th – Krampusnacht / Repeal Day.

Fri 6th – St. Nicholas Day.

Sat 7th – Pearl Harbor Remembrance.

Sun 8th:


Mon 9th:

Tue 10th:

Wed 11th:

Thu 12th:


Fri 13th:

Sat 14th:

Sun 15th – Full Cold Moon.


Mon 16th:

Tue 17th – Saturnalia.

Wed 18th:

Thu 19th:


Fri 20th:

Sat 21st – Winter Solstice / Yule.

Sun 22nd:


Mon 23rd – Festivus.

Tue 24th – X-mas Eve.

Wed 25th – X-mas Day.

Thu 26th – Boxing Day / Hanukkah / Begin Kwanzaa.


Fri 27th:

Sat 28th:

Sun 29th:


Mon 30th – Richard A.D. Birthday.

Tue 31st – New Year’s Eve.


Wed Jan 1st – New Year’s Day.


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