The Spring Fantasy Expose

A New Alternative for Something a Bit More Mainstream

Metro Events have always been known for bringing a strong sense of edge & active play to the public forum. Indeed, efforts for The DC Fetish Ball will continue to do just that! But this is only one aspect for what the scene has to offer. So in 2021 we hope to bring something new to the stage. Focused more on music, entertainment, & fashion we'll offer something a bit more mainstream while keeping 'just' enough of an edge to keep it interesting. Details are coming soon, so please check back.


Due to restrictions from COVID-19, all plans for the Spring Expose have been suspended & the event has been canceled for 2020. We look toward 2021 as things progress.

Please Note: all our gatherings bring together various cultures of the overall scene. So please come with an open mind, a desire for fun, & conduct yourself in a respectful manner to all who are present.


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